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AITD unveiled during IPF Awards 2018

Dec 14, 2018
AITD unveiled during IPF Awards 2018

The All India Textiles Directory (AITD)—a renewed attempt by the Indian Textile Journal—was unveiled by Ajit Chavan, Secretary, Textile Committee, Ministry of Textiles, during the 3rd IPF Excellence Awards 2018, which was held at National Stock Exchange on December 13, 2018.

AITD is a special business guide for the entire textile industry. It is yet another specialised offering from the house of ASAPP Info Global Services. The directory covers the entire value chain in textiles – from yarn to fibre to textile machinery.

Speaking during the awards ceremony, which was focused on awarding the SME sector in India, Chavan said, “The textile sector is the second largest employer generator in India and accounts for 15 per cent of the exports. Around 45 million people are directly employed, and are mostly SMEs. One of the challenges of Government is getting in touch with the SMEs. There are a lot of policies in place and they should avail these policies. Awareness about these policies and a platform to link SMEs to avail these policies certainly is a challenge.”

He added, “We need to have some differentiator in order to make a mark in the world economy. Challenges such as credit, technology, regulation are getting solved. Credit is available and in terms of regulatory practices.”

Regarding challenges, Chavan believes that India is paying enough attention to quality compliance. Are we doing enough to address quality-related issues? asked Chavan. He said, “In textiles, there is loss in production of 13-16 per cent on the account of defects, which is due to lack of quality management. SMEs should have a proper quality culture, to ensure that there’s enough innovations and how well we address the sustainable issues.”

AITD features a total of 1,700+ companies, over 4,500 executives, and covers a broad spectrum of around 30 categories.

AITD will be a one-stop source for information for the entire textile industry. It is easy to refer and contains important information, featuring:
  • Listings of companies, organisations and associations
  • Profiles of the companies – the areas of business, key operating units, subsidiaries, etc.
  • Names and complete contact details of key personnel of constituent companies
  • Vital sector data and statistics

AITD is a must-have for top corporate executives, decision-makers and government officials, business owners, contractors, consultants and vendors, among others.