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75 years of innovation celebrated by EFI Reggiani

Aug 13, 2021
75 years of innovation celebrated by EFI Reggiani

Bergamo, Italy

EFI Reggiani celebrates 75 years of innovation, heritage, and glamour in the textile world.  The company is also going to reveal the launch of digital textile printers.

EFI Reggiani has become the trusted partner for coming up with solutions for the textile process that starts from yarn treatment to fabric printing and finishing. According to Adele Genoni, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EFI Reggiani, textile has been in the DNA of the company since the beginning. She said that the company is moving to the next level by thinking ahead and developing high-tech products. The company is always coming up with new textile industry solutions and processes. She took pride that the company has achieved the 75 years of innovation milestone.

She further said that the company is pleased to be a part of the success story of so many global textile manufacturers and brands. She said that the company has a close relationship with its customers and the collaboration allows the company to develop new technologies. The company is coming up with three printers that will speak of its legacy and expertise.

The company is known to deliver world-class products, high-performance throughput, accuracy, and unparalleled printing uniformity. This company has been able to bring some major global transformations in the textile market starting from its first traditional printer to its latest technological innovation. All the major textile manufacturing centres of the world use the solutions offered by EFI Reggiani.

Reggiani Tessile is also an extension of EFI Reggiani. It is one of the largest fabric manufacturing companies in Italy. Due to the continuous product innovation and customer relationship, the company has shown tremendous growth in the last five decades. The company started with the introduction of digital printing technology in its product range. Later, the company joined the electronics for imaging family. The company has been able to bring about the transformation of analogue to digital imaging in the textile segment. The product portfolio of the company has been expanding ranging from rotary and flatbed printing machines to scanning/multi-pass digital printers and now finally to the world’s fastest digital textile printer.

EFI Reggiani is a leader in innovation because it has been continuously improving its productivity, quality, reducing energy use, and optimising the textile manufacturing process, water consumption, and environmental impact.

As per Genoni, the company wants to support its customers in their digital transformation. The new printers will target the industrial high-speed segment of the multi-pass textile printing sector. She said that the new printer will be the fastest multi-pass printer.

Source – Press release of "EFI"

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