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‘Next Gen’ innovative fabrics

May 15, 2017
‘Next Gen’ innovative fabrics

Materials from international technology company and industrial partner ContiTech ensure safety and security in a wide range of operating environments. For example, a chemical protection suit – manufactured using ContiTech’s innovative “Next Generation” fabric – is now certified to American fire safety standard NFPA. The flame-retardant material guarantees a high degree of safety in working environments where gases form and there is a risk of fire. It is therefore a reliable aid for firefighters as well as in industrial environments such as refineries, oil rigs and in shipbuilding.

Protective suits for which ContiTech supplies innovative materials are also available for work in extreme temperatures and are ideal for preventing direct contact with heat sources, providing short-term protection even at temperatures of 850°C. These protective suits are also designed for use at extremely low temperatures, even providing short-term protection at temperatures as low as -196°C.

All ContiTech fabrics developed and manufactured for chemical protection suits are based on the Conti Barrier System, which uses high-performance elastomer coatings. This system comprises a barrier layer in the fabric that acts as a diffusion barrier. Depending on the finish, it offers secure protection against corrosive substances such as chlorine, ammonia and gases as well as against flames, heat and cold. ContiTech offers a wide range of materials with different surfaces and colors, including signal colours. Their high flexibility and low material thickness make them extremely comfortable to wear.