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Innospin ring travellers with Korean tie-up

Dec 01, 2016
Innospin ring travellers with Korean tie-up

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Gurgaon-based, A M Innospin Systems Pvt Ltd has its manufacturing base at Faridabad which is very well known as the manufacturing hub for precision automotive parts. The company has grown into a multi-activity organisation with the background of textile technologists having vast experience at various levels in the industry. The company specializes in spinning and material handling.

In an interview with the ITJ, Amitabh Vohra, Director of A M Innospin Systems Pvt Ltd, speaks on the plans for India-ITME and USPs of some of the important machines and products for the textile industry.
How has your company been doing in the last few years -- in terms of new product and technology launches?
The company is doing extremely well over the past few years with good penetration levels within India and other parts of the world and also the company has achieved a decent increase in the business value.
Talking about the new product, we launched inno-spin Automatic Cone Packaging machine line and very recently we had a collaboration of technology transfer with Lion Brand, Korea for the manufacturing facility of ring traveller, to launch our new product inno-spin ring traveller.
Can you give us the USP of some of your important machines and products for the textile industry? How has been market that you have been serving doing in the past and currently?
Currently, we have a good presence in automated and manual roving transport systems, automatic cone packaging machine. Recently, we launched inno-spin ring travellers, and we are the only company to successfully install maximum number of fully automatic roving transport system pan-India and also in many other countries. Inno-spin is a name which is well known in textile machinery and accessories industry worldwide.
Which are your major markets in textile exports? What is the scope in these markets in the near future?
Yes, we are into exports. There is a significant growth in last few years. We have been majorly exporting to Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. Also during ITMA 2015 in Milan, we generated a good interest in our products from many countries in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Are you planning any new launches, including expansion and diversification? Please give some details.
Yes, we are expanding our business and stepping into the manufacturing of ring traveller in collaboration with Lion Brand, Korea. Our ring travellers would be more precisely ?Made in India? at very an affordable prices and the best technology knowhow.
What are your views on the recent Government?s proposals to boost the textile and clothing industry? What is your vision of textile industry by 2020?
Our Government is very keen to enhance the business of textile sector.As far as spinning industry is concerned; the Government has initiated implementation of various schemes such as the technology upgradation fund scheme (TUFS), schemes for the development of the powerloom sector, schemes for technical textiles, scheme for integrated textile parks (SITP), etc. I think, these schemes will definitely boost the spinning industry in the long run.
By 2020, textile industry will attain a larger share in the market. There will be more automation, which will reduce human efforts and will increase productivity, quality and precision and ultimately increase in the business also proceed in terms of development the manufacturing of textile machinery for development of Indian machinery sector. Also India would be faring globally in manufacturing.
What is your wish-list for the textile industry and the Government with a view to give a fresh impetus?
Perhaps, the Government is making extremely good steps for the industry but I think they should make financial funding easily available for the manufacturers, so that they could modernise the way of manufacturing and other processes, which will ultimately make them stand in the global market. TUF benefits need to be made available in short time for quick implementation of projects. Skill development for such task implementation.