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Apsom to display Konica Minolta’s Nassenger 10

Jun 01, 2019
Apsom to display Konica Minolta’s Nassenger 10

Apsom Technologies was established as a service provider for the IT Industry. It strived to evolve its business with changing times from being a hardware vendor to a solution provider for the signage and textile industry. Today, the company deals with various multinational organisations throughout Japan, China, South-Korea, Europe, etc.

Vir Vikram Bhatia, Managing Director, Apsom Technologies, speaks on Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 and the unique features the machine offers.

How many ITMAs has your company attended. Please share your company’s experience in the international markets with reference to participation in other exhibitions too.

We have been regularly attending ITMA since 2003. ITMA, by far, is biggest exhibition and is something like Olympics for the textile industry and it is certainly very well organised making it pleasure to attend.

What are the machinery/accessories your company will be displaying during this ITMA Barcelona? What are their unique features and applications?

We shall be displaying Konica Minolta Nassenger 10. This is high speed digital textile industrial printer with production speed of 580 sq m/hour. The unique combination of printer, print head and inks from the same company, i.e., Konica Minolta enables it give high volume with increased speed and design reproducibility.

Features include – equipped with a new inkjet Print head, design performance with striking beauty, easy to read, easy to use UI, misprint recover function ensuring stable production, vibrantly colourful Konica Minolta inks and various safety and environmental standards.

How have your company’s products been doing in the global export markets? In which year did the company make a breakthrough and how has this progressed through the years?

Our area of operations is India only, and in last couple of years, we have seen phenomenal growth in installation base of Konica Minolta digital textile printer on pan India basis.

In the recent past, has your company entered new markets, and if so, which are the ones and for which products?

We have always been focusing on new areas of application with digital textile printer and have entered in home furnishing segment, men shirting, leggings, etc.

Is your company fully or partially dependent on foreign technology or inputs? Or are the products totally indigenously made? Give your comments on your competitive strength.

The products are entirely manufactured by Konica Minolta, Japan, and we provide complete technical know-how – right from selection of product, ancillary equipment. One of the most formidable tasks in digital textile printing is the designing part. We have a design team through which we provide latest designs that are in sync with the current fashion trends. Apart from this, we have a fully functional demo centre with all ancillary equipment so that the customer can conduct trials at our place or with different kinds of fabrics, designs, etc.

With some new countries entering textile production and also a few reshoring and revival of textile industries, do you see any rise in demand for your products globally?

Globally, the sale of digital textile printing machines is on the rise. This is happening due to more and more strict policy of various agencies for environment, save on labour cost and most importantly job runs getting smaller and fashion scenario changing very fast.

What are the future prospects and problems that your company is facing in raising its share for its products/machinery in the global market?

In the present situation, total digitally printed fabric is 5 per cent or less. Still a lot of opportunities have to be explored. Also due to the fact that products from Konica Minolta are very stable, we have very good rate of repeat orders from our existing customers. About the problems, it is imperative that with passage of time, the cost of production has to be lower to compete with traditional printing process. We, along with the support from our principal company, have been endeavoring in achieving this.