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"Digital printing is growing and will continue to grow"

Jul 01, 2018
"Digital printing is growing and will continue to grow"

ColorJet is the fastest growing wide format digital inkjet print technology leader in the Indian sub-continent. The company is globally reputed for its deep commitment to technological innovation, strong outreach and service infrastructure and complete customer focus to maintain its leadership position.

Kareena Choudhary, Marketing Manager at Colorjet India Limited, speaks on the company’s developments in digital printing, and the advantages of their systems over that of the competitors.


What are the various technology partners of ColorJet in printing and what are their offers to the textile industry?
Colorjet’s major technology partners are Kyocera and Konica Minolta.

In digital printing what are the developments that ColorJet has seen over the years, and what advantages the systems that ColorJet offers over that of its competitors technologies?
Colorjet has focussed on the most important aspect of digital inkjet printing in textiles and that is a good price-performance ratio. Unlike other manufacturers we offer a wide range of machines up to 320cm nominal width and speeds that range from 20 sq m/hour to 200 sq m/hour. In short, we have a solution for everybody in direct to fabric, roll to roll, digital inkjet printing market.

How do you see digital printing expanding in India in the coming years? What will be ColorJet’s role in this?
Digital printing is growing and will continue to grow at a fast pace. New business models have come up around Digital printing on textiles.

Digital printing is ideal for those who want to do things differently. Colorjet has the expertise and experience to support these new ideas and concepts. Colorjet is the perfect digital printing partner on textiles.

Printing is going more eco-friendly and energy-saving. What are ColorJet’s contribution in offering printing technologies for the textile industry?
That digital printing is a vastly a lesser strain on resources and utilities is well established. Colorjet has already gone towards eco-friendly and energy saving printers. Colorjet prides itself in designing machines that deliver highest productivity per liter of water, prints with aqueous water based inks. It also has printing machines that easily prints on polyester-based fabrics which can be recycled and uses environment-friendly aqueous based inks and achieves goals of green printing.

What are ColorJet’s offering on inks, spares and other accessories for the textile printing market? Give us some of their salient features.
Colorjet supports buyers of Colorjet machines with all that is needed to get the best out of them; be it software, inks, consumables, spare parts or upgrades.

To ease entry into digital inkjet printers, Colorjet offers modular machines that can be retro-fitted to achieve higher production. Colorjet also came up with the concept of dual ink systems on the same machine for those who need flexibility.

Customer support is a very important aspect of Colorjet business. Colorjet technicians do not just concern themselves with the printing machine but assist in other areas as well to achieve best results. It is our business to make digital printing work for our customers. Our Customer is sure to get sound advice on numerous aspects and finally choose the right mix of machine, ink systems, supporting equipment etc. that best addresses his needs.