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E-Fit: A unique supply chain solution

May 01, 2015
E-Fit: A unique supply chain solution

Providing complete solution to pre-production activities, the new E-Fit services help in saving time, efforts and money.
For more than 130 years, companies around the world have depended on Intertek to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems. Intertek goes beyond testing, inspecting and certifying products; it helps customers improve performance, gain efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics, overcome market constraints, and reduce risk.

Intertek is the industry leader with over 38,000 people in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries.

Challenges faced

In today´s fast paced competitive market, everybody is deeply concerned about saving time at minimum possible cost to grow in the industry. Customers are getting more conscious on fittings while buying garments from the stores and that too without much strain to their pockets. To meet this demand, manufactures/retailers/buyers spend lots of time, effort and money. On the other hand manufacturing units cut expensive bulk fabrics without taking any expert opinion or considering cost implications, which in turn hampers the purchasing power of customers.

Intertek has set up the state-of-art studio, which is fully equipped with modern automated technology. The company works using 3D software for the Fit check and fabric consumption calculation, have the most advanced technology and best technical team to moderate the requirements with fashion and safety of the consumer yet minimizing the cost for maximum style and comfort.

Our solutions
A global leader in textile and apparel testing, Intertek can now assist the manufacturers/ retailers/ buyers to minimize their garment fit/sizing issues and fabric cost by advising best possible fabric consumption. Intertek now reviews the samples on your behalf at all stages of sampling and production to provide complete solution regarding fitting and enable you to understand all the technical implications that can be faced during bulk production.

Intertek offers an array of services to help the industry in this aspect; some of them are as follows:
Proto Sample Review: Designer creates a design sketch on paper and that idea/ design is converted into a garment which gives total clarity on silhouette, fabric quality, prints, colour, etc. This is the first sample in product development stage and is made to communicate designer´s idea to the manufacturer and people involved in production process.

How Intertek can help

  • The company employs 3D software, which develops the garment as per the designers requirement in actual colour/ print/ silhouette and use the same to dress-up a virtual model, which can rotate 360 degrees and walks to show the fall/flow of the garment. This process gives clarity on production feasibility and saves time, money and efforts of designer and the manufacturer.
  • The company can also review the sample received from the manufacturer manually and advise if any changes or corrections are required in the design´s technical aspects and finalise the overall appearance with minimum efforts for maximum output. All this can be shown to the clients through video conferencing and desired changes can be made on the spot.

Fit: Once the proto sample is approved, Fit is being made with actual measurements. The pattern is modified to get the desired fit of the garment. Fit is the most common factor that is considered during the sample development. The fittings are done on live virtual models or dress forms to verify the fit and fall for which a special team is appointed who use the latest technology.

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