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TANATEX´s Extreme Whiteness Concept

Jul 01, 2016

The Extreme Whiteness Concept is the latest range of whitening products released by TANATEX Chemicals to date. This new assortment helps to create immaculate bright white lingerie that will never lose its radiance. This whitening package, available worldwide, ensures impeccable whiteness through every stage of the production process.

Producing the ultimate white bra will no longer be problematic with the Extreme Whiteness Concept. TANATEX can now create luxurious, high-quality and long-lasting bright white lingerie with its unique new techniques. This new whitening method can not only achieve the perfect degree of whiteness but it can also keep it flawlessly white during the manufacturing process, when displayed in the shop and after use.

This Extreme Whiteness Concept is a complete and unique system to achieve superior and sustainable textiles. There are four products available in this concept. These products help to remove all dirt and oils in the pre-treatment cleaning stage, help to prevent yellowing during the moulding and heat-setting phase, produce extra fabric protection at the whitening stage and stop NOx gas pollution during the transportation. Additional benefits include long-lasting protection against tainting from transpiration, beauty products, sunlight and washing. These products are unbeatably the only concept on the market to achieve light, NOx and BHT ratings of 4/4/4 on critical or difficult fabrics.

TANATEX protects Olympic athletes
The Olympic committee of South Korea unveiled Zika-proof uniforms which protects athletes from the virus at this year´s games. Mosquito-repellent finishes engineered by TANATEX Chemicals were added to the outfits, which will be worn by athletes during ceremonies and training. The threat of the Zika virus has emerged as a major concern in the buildup to this year´s Olympic games in Brasil, which will take place from August 5-21, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. TANATEX Chemicals is proud to contribute to the Olympic dream by creating safe and optimal conditions for the athletes to perform at their best.

TANATEX Chemicals is breaking new ground with the development of innovative and ultramodern textile processing solutions, ranging from pre-treatment to finishing. The state-of-the-art products are based on the latest trends and demands in today´s technical textiles and carpet processing industry. Through a worldwide network of offices, agencies and distributors, TANATEX Chemicals supplies its global customers with advanced top quality wet processing products.