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Successful upgrade of soft-TRD series by THIES

Nov 01, 2014

The range of uses for synthetic fibres continues to grow: for instance, man-made fibres are used for the production of functional clothing or technical textiles. Technical textiles are used, for example, in the fields of automotive industry, agriculture, in medical and health technology, and also in the construction industry (buildings and infrastructure). Innovations and new application functionality-especially in the field of technical textiles--present the dye houses with ever greater challenges, as these fibres and the resulting materials have to be made and processed according to very specific requirements.

Universal equipment and machinery is therefore required to allow a flexible reaction to constantly changing market demands. For decades, the soft-TRD series developed by THIES has offered customers successful processing options for a broad range of applications: the long chambers and the intensive penetration zone of the transport pipe of this series ensure maximum qualities and reproducibility.

The soft-TRD series has been redesigned and upgraded with the aim of offering resource-saving technology with even greater energy efficiency. This benefits users in a number of ways: high water consumption, which leads to an excessive use of chemicals, electricity and thermal energy, can be significantly reduced. The application engineers at THIES have succeeded in achieving liquor ratios of 1:4.5 for PES woven fabrics.

The dyeing vessel has been redesigned so that it no longer needs to be fully flooded during processing. The fill level is freely selectable and the fluid level can be adjusted according to the type and quantity of the textiles being used. The soft-TRD SIII is designed for operating temperatures of up to 140-¦C. Thanks to the new integrated vessel pressure regulation, the use of compressed air has been significantly reduced. The liquor can be drained at a temperature of less 92-¦C.

The nominal load of the soft-TRD SIII is 100 kg, 150 kg and 200 kg per chamber. The modular design makes it possible to combine up to 4 chambers. Individual chambers can be locked off if required. This allows the processing of custom batch sizes.

The drive reel has a reduced take-off height. This is particularly beneficial when treating items with a large elastic fibre content. The continuous analysis and monitoring of the transport reel identifies stoppages immediately and reliably. The drive is stopped automatically within a second if required.