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Jeanologia's new Laser PRO raises speed by 30%

Dec 01, 2016

Jeanologia has launched a new generation of Laser PRO, which increases the speed of laser up to 30 per cent and allows precise control of production and costs in time real.

Jeanologia has recently launched the Laser Pro, which increases the speed of the laser up to 30 per cent and the production capacity of jeans. The Spanish company, leader in the development of integral and sustainable solutions for the finishing of denim, presented its new generation of laser at ITMA ASIA, the most important international trade fair of textile machinery in the sector that allows the automation processes and the reduction of costs of manufacturing.

Jeanologia is committed to the technological transformation of China to remain the first world power in the production of jeans. Efficiency, innovation, speed and ecology are the four pillars on which this technological leap must be based if it wants to avoid relocation to countries where labour is cheaper.

Jeanologia PRO technology enables one to increase the productive capacity of the jeans industry and optimisation of costs. This new generation of laser is the most rapid, reliable and accurate on the market. It multiplies the possibilities of design and creativity and allows precise control of real-time production of machines and the reduction of water consumption, energy and chemicals.

In ITMA, the Spanish company also presented the new Dummy Pro. At the moment one can already work with all fits of the market from very small sizes up to very large and it has automatic download, reducing handling and transition times. The live demonstrations of the Flexi Pro, the machinery that incorporates the laser, which increases its speed to 30 per cent and obtained an increase of industrial productivity, took place at its booth in ITMA Asia. “In China, the production costs have become more expensive as more competitors in Southeast Asia are coming out. The technology of Jeanologia is the opportunity for an industry model change. If before it was in the hands of cheap labour, now technology must be bet on to increase productivity and lower costs”, said Borja Trenor, Director for Asia Pacific Division.

“Chinese companies that want to survive the current economic situation have to introduce technology that enables them to automate production and reduce consumption of energy, water and chemicals at the same time that is respectful to the environment. Those that do not will not survive”, says Borja Trenor.

Jeanologia is present in China for more than 10 years and is a technological partner of important brands in the country that have already begun the transformation and that have already adopted the three Spanish company’s sustainable technologies: laser, the ozone and the nanobubbles E-Flow. Jeanologia’s challenge is to transform the Chinese jeans wear market and get sustainability and technology to be part of their DNA. Today, 5 per cent of the jeans produced in China are made with Jeanologia technology, both for the export of global brands such as GAP, American Eagle, H&M, Uniqlo, Levi’s, Primark, Lee, Wrangler, or G-Star among others, as for companies of the national like Jack & Jones China, Meters Bonwe, or Peace Bird market.

Since 1993 Jeanologia’s mission has been to improve the industry of textile finishing through its technology and know-how. Their laser, G2 ozone and e-flow systems have revolutionised the textile industry offering endless possibilities of design and finishing on clothes while saving water, energy and chemicals, eliminate waste and harmful emissions.