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Integrated system in DOS&DYE 2000/6000

Mar 01, 2016
Integrated system in DOS&DYE 2000/6000

The Italy-based Tecnorama offers DOS&DYE® 2000 or 6000 system, which consists of two main machines and some accessories:

* Machine for the automatic dispensing of both solid and liquid products and dyes (DOSORAMA WSD).

* Dyeing machine for sampling (various models: Dyrama 4/R-2000 or DYRAMA 4/R-6000).

The dispensing machine, model DOSORAMA WSD, is endowed with a special dissolving unit in order to automatically receive from the dispensing machine the various formulas, made up of both solid and liquid products, and to transfer them, again automatically, to the respective dyeing units that are connected to the dissolving unit via an automatic distribution system.

Each DYRAMA consists of four self-contained dyeing units, i.e., they are single units that operate quite independently in terms of services provided and work schedules. The DYRAMA 4/R-2000 is a machine whose dyeing units can process one or two cones, while the DYRAMA 4/R- 6000 can process up to 3 or 4 cones. The DYRAMA machines are fully automated and use the forced circulation of the dye-bath in both directions (inward/outward) that reaches a maximum of four BAR of circulating pressure and up to six total bath cycles per minute.

The DYRAMA 4/R-2000 and DYRAMA 4/R-6000 dyeing machines are equipped with a parking unit for 36 different dyed and to-be-dyed jobs, while a robot automatically loads and unloads these materials from the various dyeing units to the parking unit, and vice versa. This creates an integrated system, formed by the dispensing machine and dyeing machines, able to independently operate a complete work programme consisting of several dye samples, without requiring any manual intervention up to 36 samples.

Since it is fully automatic, the DOS&DYE® 2000 or 6000 system can operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including holidays, overcoming any productivity problem in the sector of small batch production, sampling and re-assortments.