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Datacolor´s latest lab dyeing machines

Jan 01, 2015

Datacolor is a global leader in colour management solutions and colour communication technology. Datacolor solutions assure consistent accurate reliable colour. The world´s leading brands, manufacturers and creative professionals have used Datacolor´s innovative solutions to consistently achieve the right colour for more than 40 years.

Ahiba IR®: Energy efficient lab dyer The Ahiba IR is a state-of-the-art dyeing unit for the new millennium. It addresses a wide range of dyeing and testing requirements at an affordable price. The unit produces accurate laboratory sample dyeing with the levelness and reproducibility you´ve come to expect from Ahiba. The Ahiba IR can accommodate many different beaker sizes and quantities maximising the versatility of the machine.

Ahiba IR® Pro: World class lab dyer
The Datacolor Ahiba IR Pro gives outstanding performance in any textile exhaust dyeing laboratory. Specific and unique features not offered by competitive units and attention to accuracy and flexibility make the IR Pro an important tool in everyday laboratory dyeing. For the discerning laboratory that requires their equipment to provide valuable feedback during and about their dyeing process the IR Pro is a great match. The AHIBA IR Pro has all the features of the Ahiba IR, plus these additional features:

Unrivalled temperature control: A dye machine must follow the programmed curve as accurately as possible regardless of temperature or beaker load in order to achieve acceptable results. This is a staple in the design of the Ahiba IR Pro as the graph shows. World class repeatability: With Ahiba IR Pro you can dye your samples with the confidence in knowing that years of experience and knowledge have gone into understanding the dyeing process and controlling the variables that can lead to costly re-dyes.

Touchscreen colour controller: Ease of use has been a tradition with Ahiba dye machines and the tradition continues with our newest controller. The new touchscreen controller uses icons with text and color schemes laid out in a GPS like color format that makes using the controller very simple and easy to understand.