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Candor Textiles: A stellar performance!

Dec 01, 2017
Candor Textiles: A stellar performance!

A two-decade old technical textile manufacturer in India has achieved the impossible -- exporting 95 per cent of its products to developed countries.

At a time when the big and small textile companies in the country are scrambling for a hefty piece of the technical textile pie, it’s impossible to find a 2-decade old Indian company already selling abroad 95 per cent of its technical textile products. The Indore-based Candor Textiles Pvt Ltd does that and is raring to forge ahead in the manufacturing of technical textile products like military fabrics and FR fabrics.

Candor textiles was participating at a recent technical textile exhibition. “ All our products are designed to match the specific requirements of our customers abroad. Our fabrics for military application are used abroad including countries in Europe and Australia. We are even exporting to China at a time when many are importing such products from that country,” said a confident-looking Apoorv Pathak, Vice President (Marketing) of Candor Textiles.

Speaking to the ITJ Editor in an exclusive interview, Pathak said: “We want to explore the Indian market, we have the best infrastructure and facilities. We have the best of jiggers and stenters, and have unique infrastructure for activities from weaving to finishing. Besides, Candor also has a full-fledged laboratory, which does intensive designing and testing to meet highest international standards. We are an integrated manufacturer having fabric weaving, fabric processing, made-ups stitching, all under one roof.”

Candor does not want to rest on its laurels. Its turnover has crossed Rs 6 crore, but the company is bent on crossing new milestones in innovation and revenue.The fact that it was participating at the domestic technical textile exhibition was because it wants to explore the Indian market. Said Pathak: “India has to be competitive in latest technical textiles. ‘Chaltha hai’ attitude has to go. Earlier, the US market was our main market. In the last few years, we have successfully tapped the European markets.”

Candor Textiles’ beginning is interesting. Founded in 1974, only recently in February 2017, it changed our company’s name from CIL Textiles Pvt Ltd to Candor Textiles Pvt Ltd. The company realised that it needed a new name and face to express its true personality and legacy. After a brainstorming session, all agreed that Candor accurately reflects what it is and what it stands for. The definition truly defines:CANDOR: The state or quality of being open and honest; frankness. It strongly believes that honesty is the key foundation of anything and everything it does.

Based in Indore, rated as India’s cleanest city, Candor’s state of the art manufacturing setup is equipped to excel. Its facility houses technologically advanced machinery and enterprise software that meet international standards to ensure top quality produce. The organisation is run with well designed systems to monitor its entire production and QA processes. On each step, data of all related aspects is efficiently monitored and stored. There are about 500 employees.

One of its well-known products is Rhinotuff canvas fabrics, which are perfect for the outdoors. Not only are they durable, weatherproof and long lasting, but offer the right solutions when it comes to outdoor activity or outdoor performance.

It has a capacity to manufacture fabrics in weights ranging from 50 GSM up to 1500 GSM and in widths ranging from 24” up to 144”. The primary blends it works with are cotton, polyester, poly-cotton. Candor is a specialised manufacturer of dyed, coated, waterproof, fire retardant and wax finished textiles that are designed to perform under tough weather conditions around the globe. Its products comply with specific American, Australian, British Standards and other International Standards.

In addition to outdoor and performance textiles, Candor also offers a wide range of premium artists’ products comprising of primed and unprimed fabrics on rolls as well as stretched frames and canvas panels. Artist’s Canvas is offered in weights ranging from 135 GSM to 500 GSM and widths up to 120”.

During the entire process of development, the company shares critical analysis of the fabric content, chemicals and test parameters of the target fabric. Proper data and records are maintained for all stages involved in any development. New product development starts with a customer requirement for specific or customised products. Its in-house lab is capable of doing tests such as: water head, light fastness, chrome test, anti-fungus test, tensile strength test, etc. A spectrophotometer is used for matching the lab dips to match batch-to-batch colour. All the greige fabrics, prepared fabrics, RFD fabrics and finished fabrics go through testing. For tracking purposes it keeps records of each batch produced for one year.

“The factors behind the success of the company in exporting technical textiles include aggressive team work, stringent quality standards and timely delivery,” concluded Pathak.