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Danfoss India scales new peak in energy efficiency

Sep 01, 2015
Danfoss India scales new peak in energy efficiency

Danfoss India reinforces energy efficiency standards by inaugurating one-of-its-kind lab that can boost national energy security.

It was a big moment for us. It is the culmination of our efforts in R&D in energy efficiency,¨ declared Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India, when he along with Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, inaugurated one of the finest psychrometric labs in the world at the Danfoss India´s Platinum LEED-rated facility at Oragadam campus near Chennai.

With the national and global thrust on energy efficiency, Danfoss India has set up a one-of-its-kind lab, the psychrometric (PSR) lab, which tests products for energy efficiency standards and has the potential to redefine manufacturing and designing of energy efficient products in India, thereby meeting global standards of quality and reliability. This unique lab is seen as a step towards addressing India´s energy security through energy efficiency, by helping stakeholders in performance testing of their air conditioning components that contribute to maximum load o power grids.

Danfoss has even taken a step ahead already to lend practicality to its energy efficiency drive by tying up with Intertek for certification in energy efficiency. ´Today, Europe has moved from component efficiency to system and application efficiency. The customer has to be told about the energy efficiency of the application,´ said Purushothaman.

´Energy efficiency is at the core of our energy system development and one must understand that it has a direct impact on our GDP. In fact, every organisation across industry should adopt energy efficient technologies to lower their dependence on our already strapped resources. Energy saved today will ultimately serve as the alternate fuel to power both today´s unserved homes and tomorrow´s needs. Industries are a key pivot of our GDP and Danfoss, by investing in the psychrometric lab, has set the direction towards embracing energy efficient technologies to achieve their sustainability goals. This initiative will further support the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry in developing new innovative energy efficient products¨, said Dr Ajay Mathur.

With a customer-centric approach to designing customised applications, the psychrometric lab has been built to provide testing of air conditioners, chillers and other refrigeration equipment for relevant international standards such as IS, ISO 5051, AHRI and AHRI 550/590 among others. This apart, customers will have the facility to test for the functionality of their applications with Danfoss products, and further customise and improvise solutions to suit their needs, thereby enabling to serve the end customer better. By investing in this lab, Danfoss has indicated to the country and the Government that the industry fully supports its initiatives on energy efficiency and enabling positive climate change.

Said Purushothaman: ´With energy demand on the rise, it is important to view energy efficiency as an alternate fuel. Making more happen with less is a concept that Danfoss has always believed in and mastered globally, we are consistently helping stakeholders put this into practice and the investment in this lab further reinforces our commitment. Danfoss invests 4.3 per cent of its net sales into innovation globally.

This ensures focus of our R&D efforts into realising some of the best, new to the world energy solutions that not only address our customer requirements but also help us empower them to contribute positively towards energy security. The investment in the R&D and PSR lab in India will support innovation and help our customers in developing equipment for the existing and new energy efficiency standards.¨

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