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Big Sangam order adds feather to Reshmi's cap!

Jul 01, 2017
Big Sangam order adds feather to Reshmi

Reshmi Industries has ushered in a new revolution in post-winding segment of textile industries in the last five decades. The fame of its random and precision winders has spread far and wide, reaching over 25 countries. Reshmi Industries has built a reputation for providing the best solutions in cost-effective and advanced winding technology. Industries all over the world are all praise for the effective designs in Reshmi winders, which result in maximum reliability and easy operation.

Very recently, Reshmi Industries has added a new feather to its cap by clinching a deal with the Sangam Group amid intense competition and also celebrated another milestone achievement producing their 100,000th drum winder for them. Sangam Group, a leader among textile industries in India, has always relied on Reshmi winders for the last 10 years. Today, more than 30 per cent of Reshmi’s sales comes from abroad. This is no small achievement for an Indian company in a field like winding, which is globally a highly competitive technological area!

Vishnu Sajan, Marketing Director, Reshmi Industries, spoke to the Indian Textile Journal, in an exclusive interview. On this Sangam Group collaboration, he said “Recently, we have supplied a 1,00,000th Drum winder to Sangam Group. We have been working with Sangam for the past 10 years and have supplied more than 2,000 spindles to them. We are really honored with working with them. They have always been a part of our growth by constantly helping us improve machine efficiency and performance by sharing their vast experiences with us.”

He further said: “I joined this business five years back. Sangam was one of the first companies where I visited for my training stage. In those five years, we have done a lot of business with them. Mr Modani, Sangam Group’s Managing Director, recently gave an order for 12 machines, replacing all the old machines with new ones.”

The company’s spanking new modern facility is spread across a sprawling area spanning 110,000 sq. which will exclusively concentrate on setting up an automated line for manufacturing their high-speed precision winders along with various fully automatic sewing thread winders. Throwing further light on the manufacturing process, Sajan observed:” We have the capability to manufacture all our components in-house. Most of the components used in our machines are ‘CE’ marked since we export to a lot of European countries, which are known for its extremely discerning customers. “He also pointed out that by manufacturing most of the components in-house, the company has got better control over the overall quality.

“We have a full-fledged showroom in the new factory where customers can come and do their trials and make decisions accordingly. All our products are displayed in the showroom,” he added.

On the strength of the workforce, he said “the group has a total work force of about 1,000 people. We have a diligent QC team and an equally strong service team. It’s split across North – New Delhi, Ludhiana, Rajasthan and Mumbai. All the areas are taken care by the respective agents. Our marketing partner for North India is T4 Tex Consultant. They are in charge of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. The Coimbatore head office handles the operations for south india.”

Talking about the R&D efforts and innovations, Sajan said “last year, at India ITME, we launched the 135 m fully automatic tube winder. Currently, we have connected them to a conveyor belt system, which transports these tubes to the labelling machine. The whole idea is to reduce labour and improve production efficiency. We are also working on other types of fully automatic high-speed winders, which will be launched by the end of this year. Our main aim is to help our customers improve their efficiency by installing fully automatic lines whilst also making it affordable for them.”

Stressing on the export drive, Sajan said “this year we are looking to concentrate on export markets. We are very focused on supplying a good quality product that is also affordable and at the same time. We have agents in across 25 countries and our partnership with them has only helped us grow over the last few years in the export market. Service is another criteria we are very focused on. If service is good, numbers will automatically pour in. Apart from India, we do a lot of business in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh Nigeria and Ethiopia. These are our primary markets.”

The Sangam Group deal is a new milestone in the history of Reshmi Industries, which does not want to rest on the laurels. The Team Reshmi Industries is raring to touch new heights in performance, and feels that every day, there is a challenge to meet and achieve new results. Vishnu Sajan and his team have vowed to leave no stones unturned to capture new markets, with the backing of the best technological support from the production team, which promises innovations year after year!