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Infusing intelligent freshness into textiles

May 01, 2015
Infusing intelligent freshness into textiles

Science and innovation combine to create Silvadur technology, the intelligent antimicrobial that keeps textiles fresh and odour-free.
If you ask Karel Williams, Global Strategic Marketing Manager (Hygiene & Personal Care) of The Dow Chemical Company, USA, what is intelligent freshness, he can talk to you for hours how freshness can be induced into the garments and home textiles, which can act on its own ´intelligence.´ One of Dow´s greatest innovations in antimicrobial is Silvadur, created four years ago, which has started making an impression on the Indian garments and home textiles. Karel Williams and F Felix Albarran, Head of Communications (Dow Microbial Control) were in Mumbai recently to extol the virtues of Silvadur. They were glad that some Indian brands in socks, shirts and home textiles have already tested the market by using Silvadur and found enthusiastic response to the products.

How intelligent is Silvadur? Said Williams: ´Silvadur unites silver´s elemental powers with a patented delivery systemto create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial for a wide variety of textile and apparel applications.´ He explained further: ´ Silvadur´s patented polymer containing silver technology delivers silver ions to fabric surfaces and activates them in the presence of undesirable bacteria. This bio-responsive performance feature ensures that Silvadur stays n the fabric and remains active for more than 50 washings. Silvadur will not detach or degrade at high temperatures or in the presence of bleach and will not discolour fabrics The smart release mechanism releases silver only when it is needed, ensuring that more active remains bound to the surface for long-term antimicrobial activities.´

´Today´s consumers are conscious of odour-producing bacteria, mould, parasites and dust found in the home. They are willing to pay more for items treated with ´new generation´ antimicrobial properties. With this interest in mind, the research team at Dow created Silvadur,´ said Williams. ´Findings from an extensive consumer survey conducted by Dow Microbial Control underscore how brands and retailers can leverage the growing consumer interest in personal and family wellness with products featuring value-adding antimicrobial treatments into higher customer retention levels and repeat purchases,´ said Albarran.

In September 2011, Dow Microbial Control (DMC), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, introduced SILVADUR´ Antimicrobial, a revolutionary microbial control technology that provides long-lasting freshness' and reliable protection against unwanted bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors, decay, rot and discoloration in textile fabrics.

Silver ions have been used as an anti-microbial for over 2000 years. SILVADUR´ long lasting antimicrobial technology unites the elemental powers of silver ions, with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective and highly durable antimicrobial. Through state-of-the-art engineering the product utilizes a safe polymer that complexes silver ions into a durable antimicrobial that prevents microorganism reproduction. This silver ion treatment is a major innovation in antimicrobial technology.

When applied to fabric surfaces, SILVADUR antimicrobial technology forms an extensive polymeric network on fibre surfaces and regulates the release rate of silver ions and allows for activation only in the presence of unwanted bacteria thus minimizing the buildup of undesirable bacteria. With less buildup of bacteria on fabric surfaces, textile products experience the long lasting antimicrobial benefits of reduced deterioration and the elimination of undesirable odors. Effectively controlling odors can reduce the need for frequent laundering cycles and extend the strength and life of textile products.

Traditional silver-based antimicrobia