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Van de Wiele to reveal new trends in carpet, velvet weaving

Dec 01, 2016
Van de Wiele to reveal new trends in carpet, velvet weaving

VAN DE WIELE will showcase all its latest technologies -- on the different textile fronts of Floor, Home, Technical and Fashion -- in a common booth in Hall 6 stall D9. VAN DE WIELE will show all the new trends into carpet and velvet weaving, as the great handlook quality in reed density up to 1200 dents/meter and 8 colours. Numerous samples of all kind of carpets will be available and the staff will be glad to explain how they can be made. The latest RCE (Rug and Carpet Expert) carpet weaving machines are equipped with fully free programmable smart frames and electronic jacquards with a new patented selection system, which gives the weaver big advantages such as easy maintenance and high efficiency. 

The new high-density velvets developed in multiple colours are also an eye-catching item, which is very well appreciated by the Indian public. Due to the new SiV jacquard range, all possible velvet applications can be made easier than before.

Based on the successful Velvet Smart Innovator Van de Wiele has created an extensive range of fast face-to-face weaving machines for various applications:
-Velvet Smart Innovator for chiffon velvet: for very light apparel velvet with a density over 2000 dents/m
-Velvet Smart Innovator 3 m weaving width in plain and dobby execution, for curtain velvet and technical fabrics
-Velvet Smart Innovator for long pile applications: for 2 x 40 mm pile height: for imitation fur or technical brush and cleaning fabrics
-Velvet Smart Innovator for technical fabrics: in execution for spacer fabrics or multilayer fabrics
-Velvet Smart Innovator for jacquard velvet and light carpets (also on 3 m width): with Smart Frames for the ground fabric and SiV jacquard for the pile, or all yarns on SiV jacquard. The SiV jacquard is a new jacquard with the compact microselector, and allows even semi on-loom installation (no separate gantry needed).

VAN DE WIELE extrusion will show its presentations about the BXE-line for carpet yarns. This extrusion line produces yarn from different polymers with the highest bulk on the market, thanks to a newly developed multiwrap texturing device without lamellas. The short melt pipe between the extruder and the spinning beam and the round self-sealing spin packs, which are easy to install, are very much appreciated in the market.

The tufting brand COBBLE-VANDEWIELE will demonstrate with new demo material the latest trends and possibilities. After the successful introduction of the Myriad in ITMA2015 and the success of the customers with this technology in house, Cobbe-Van de Wiele is proud to announce the TUFTFX-L and the TUFTFX-C.

The TUFTFX-L is equipped with the Myriad attachment, offering unlimited design flexibility by the use of compact servomotor yarn control. Each yarn is individually controlled through the individual pile delivery system to achieve an unlimited number of pile heights. By changing gradually pile heights between different colours an endless number of colour shades are created for tufting tiles, area rugs, wall-to-wall carpet and pictures. The simple, lightweight and compact Level Cut Loop mechanism on the TUFTFX-C allows combining cut pile and loop pile. Combined with sliding needle bar and Myriad attachment, a big variety of tufteffects in cut pile and different loop pile heights are possible.

To maximise the design possibilities, the TuftLink software has been developed. This software allows changing and creating very easy designs by working in separate layers for artistic design, pile heights, colours... This easy change is not possible with the traditional software now available on the market.

Due to the knowledge of the yarn treatments of SUPERBA, you will be witness of new born carpets and rugs, which flourish already in some markets. Superba has developed a unique and performing heat-setting system based on saturated steam. With 40 years of experience in the highly specialised field of yarns for tufted and woven carpet, Superba is providing advanced and competitive solutions with a complete range of machines, including space dyeing machines.

BONAS will show his latest new jacquard model Ji for the first time in India. Ji is based on the successful and proven technology of the Si.

During the ITME, a Ji 2 with 2688 hooks will be on display on a Picanol double width rapier. The Ji has the advantage that it is equipped with a dwell allowing a better and longer insertion time for wide rapier machines. Also the range of the Si jacquards is extended to 27.648 hooks in a single machine, making this range the widest of all jacquards. Already dozens of Si over 20.000 hooks in a single machine are sold worldwide.