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Sagar: A leader in spinning & maintenance equipment

Dec 01, 2016
Sagar: A leader in spinning & maintenance equipment

RK Shah, who started his career way back in 1962 by manufacturing machine tools known as the tiger brand lathe machine, subsequently changed and expanded the horizons from machine tools to textile spinning by developing the very first cot grinding machine in 1969. He successfully created the brand which is now globally recognised as Sagar.

The wide experience and frequent overseas visits of Shah have been instrumental in making Rishabh Sagar Textile Equipments Pvt Ltd as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of textile spinning and maintenance equipment all over the world. As a reputed manufacturer and exporter, the company has been regularly participating in exhibitions ? both domestically and internationally.

All the products have an authorised ?CE? marking. With zero defects, committed delivery, after-sales services and technical support, Rishabh Sagar Textile Equipments has successfully supplied more than 500 sets of complete range of products in almost all the textile spinning units in India as well as about 25 countries internationally.
The company has a qualified R&D division, which works on improving the products and developing new technology for the benefit of good quality yarn with full automation. As an architect of the spinning equipment, Rishabh Sagar Textile Equipments is introducing the latest technology in cot grinding machine with continuous running UV top roller treatment machine with UV lamp. Features include:

  • In this machine, the company offers to put top roller for grinding, which will move and will be inspected through the camera as per the diameter setting required for grinding of the top roller. In that case, if the diameter is less than required or higher than required, it will be ejected.
  • The company provides auto dressing device, which is inbuilt in the machine. So as per the programme set, the dressing will be done to the grinding wheel.
  • The company provides universal roller catch for all type of top roller. So from now on, no need to change the roller catch.
  • In the machine, the company is giving grinding stone in one piece having width of 200 mm with the porosity. No heat will be developed during the process of grinding. After grinding, top roller will be inspected online for eccentricity and taper and surface finish.
  • After the grinding of each top roller and complete inspection, it will move automatically to UV treatment, which is a constant running machine and the final product will be grinding inspection and UV treatment.
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