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Rabatex´s impressive pre-weaving technologies

Dec 01, 2016
Rabatex´s impressive pre-weaving technologies

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Rabatex Industries has lined-up the latest and innovative pre-weaving technologies (weaving preparatory technologies) and Battery operated & Manual Material handling and Storage Equipments including accessories like creels for technical textiles applications at the upcoming India ITME exhibition. 

Among its various technologies, Rabatex will showcase the High Speed Sample Warper, Sectional Warper Machine, Single End Sizing Machine, Battery operated Warp Beam Carrier with Healdframe support and Cloth Roll Doffer Carrier and also display creels for technical textiles at ITME India.

The Rabatex high speed Sample Warping Machine model RI 6001 is primarily for production of samples and short production warp at very high production rate. The RI 6001 has a robustly constructed warping drum, suitable up to widths of 2400 mm and for warping lengths between 21 and 450 metres (depending on thread density) and suitable for yarn range from 5 to 500 Tex. 

The RI 6001 comes with a heavy duty rotational creel with a maximum creel capacity of 16 colours and is suitable of attaining maximum speeds of up to 1,200 metres per minutes.

The Rabatex Sectional Warping Machine RI 112 is a state-of-the-art technology which produces high quality warp beams with higher productivity. The RI 112 comes with user friendly advance software and data management, which offers all online data of warping operations. It also offers graphical display of all events and breakages and also loss end memory control.

The ergonomically designed Single End Sizing Machine RI 8001 offers 4, 8, 12 and 16 spindle configurations and produces sized yarn of the highest quality to ensure trouble-free and smooth weaving operations. The RI 8001 is suitable for cotton yarn in the range of 10?s to 120?s Ne and polyester yarn in the range of 30 to 210 deniers, with option of dry steam or electric heater drying system.

The Rabatex Battery operated Warp Beam Carrier with Heald frame support VM 5003 is Beam Gaiting Trolley with a robust structure for lifting of beam with harness, dropper and heald frame. The VM 5003 comes with a battery operated hydraulic power pack unit, transportation module with battery life for continuous working of 8 hours.
Lastly, the Rabatex Cloth Roll Doffer Carrier Cradle VM 508 is designed to be compact and suitable for lifting and transporting a cloth roll in narrow gangways. 

The cloth roll cradle can be lowered up to the ground floor. The cloth roll on the weaving machine can also be directly lifted and transported by the VM 508.

Rabatex also offers technologies for the fast growing technical textiles sector like Polybeamer with unrolling creel and creels for various applications like glass fibre, geo grid, flat warp, monofilament, etc.

?All our technologies, including those on display at ITME India are very robust and so require very less maintenance. We have developed these technologies through our in-house R&D team and go through rigorous tests before launching in the market,? Haresh Panchal, Managing Director of Rabatex Industries said.

?The various accessories that are used in our machines are sourced from renowned multinational suppliers like Siemens, Mitsubishi, Danfoss, Allen Bradley etc, which also ensures that the machines or equipment we market, are long lasting and trouble free,? Panchal added.

Set up in 1962, the vision and mission of Rabatex has always been to develop advanced technology textile machinery through its passionate R&D team and in the process, offer our customers state-of-the-art machinery or equipment. This has resulted in acceptance of Rabatex technologies across major textile hubs like UK, Russia, Syria, Uzbekistan, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, El Salvador, Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE, Yemen, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Chad, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Ukraine.