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Menzel´s combined Singeing, Desizing & Bleaching Range

Dec 01, 2016
Menzel´s combined Singeing, Desizing & Bleaching Range

Real credibility does not get built overnight. It takes years of patient and passionate dedication to be seen and recognised by the world, to be accepted and appreciated by customers.

Menzel has been designing and manufacturing textile processing machines for a decade now. Machines that do not just bring world-class technology within the reach of Indian customers but deliver quality that matches up to their exact need specifications.

Real quality does not limit its availability. The world has diverse needs, each of which is as unique and important as the next. Menzel understands the criticality of not just acknowledging and understanding the full range of customer needs but creating a diverse line of processing solutions to meet these needs.

Menzel?s new continuous combined singeing, desizing and bleaching range with a capacity to process 1,00,000 m/day of 50 to 500 gsm cotton, cotton Lycra, rayon, viscose and linen fabrics was delivered in March 2016 is a landmark achievement compared to other bleaching ranges. Various new features incorporated in the new range such as fine tension setting, wash boxes with special drum washer with powerful monsoon spray, turbulent splasher and backwash drum design with driven scroll to eliminate curl selvedge before and after intermittent squeezer. With the new type of excellent washing efficiency is achieved and Tegawa value of seven is achieved after four compartment desize wash on 275 gsm cotton Lycra fabric at 85 m/min speed. 

Menzel?s state-of-the-art textile processing range includes: chainless, chain and combi-mercerizing, single/multi bleaching range, dye/print washing range for woven and knitted fabrics, singeing & desizing range, cold pad batch dyeing range, loop steamer, electronic/hydraulic jigger and the continu-ous dyeing range.

Real performance is backed by proven talent. Behind solutions that weather every test, there exist specialists who have surpassed every challenge. Menzel takes pride in its team of talented engineers who raise the benchmarks of the Indian textile processing industry with innovations and enhance the standards of customer service with dependable support.

Real technology is powered by global partnership. 
It takes a collaboration with an international power-house to take a giant leap in processing technology. Menzel recognised the potential of partnering with internationally proven brands in the field of textile processing and therefore, partnered world-renowned Karl Menzel GmbH from Germany. An association that has empowered Menzel India to develop and deliver international standard processing expertise on Indian shores.

It is no surprise then that the Menzel Mercerising and Menzel Bleaching are regarded as benchmarks in Indian textile processing. With two manufacturing facilities in Vasai and another in Ahmedabad further supported by a nation-wide service network, Menzel India is not just driven in its vision and backed by the resources to understand and support diverse needs across the Indian textile processing industry.