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Bianco, the best bet in rope opening line & weft straightener

Dec 01, 2016
Bianco, the best bet in rope opening line & weft straightener

A partnership is a bridge that allows a free-flowing passage of expertise and experience. 
A ladder that empowers an organisation and its brands to scale up in quality, repute and market acceptance.
It is with the intent of escalating the quality of Indian textile processing technology to global standards Bianco S.p.A. Italy extends its hand of association. An equal partnership of entrepreneurial vision and technological competence as well as dedicated perseverance and focused expertise, this association has enabled the Indian unit to achieve wide-ranging benchmarks in the field of Indian textile processing.

Bianco has customised proven international technology to suit the precise requirements of local customers. It has achieved economising in pricing that allows more customers to benefit from its range of advanced products. It has established a competent and responsive service infrastructure to ensure consistent progress and profitability for its valued customers.

Bianco has extended its range of specialised textile processing solutions to include: Weft Straightener, Rope Opening Line for woven fabrics, Fabric Centring Units: Dogal-05 and Compact- CE, Fabric Opening and Slitting Line for knitted fabrics, Grey Fabric Preparation Line for Continuous Processing Range, Fabric Accu- mulation-J-Scrays, Instrumentation: Hygrotex, Ecotex, Fabric Infeed Device for Digital Printing Machine.

Bianco has commissioned expert teams of engineers and other specialists to ensure our customers the right guidance in selecting appropriate solutions to forward its success goals. With a manufacturing facility in Vasai and supported by a nation-wide service network, Bianco India is also the service centre for Bianco S.p.A. Italy.