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Govt intervention is required to regulate the import of products

Dec 01, 2019
Govt intervention is required to regulate the import of products

Mylon Metallics was incorporated as an engineering company par excellence for manufacture of engineering products that will find applications in textile mills, transport sector and original equipment. D Srinivasan, Director, Mylon Metallics, speaks on the cheaper imports which is hurting the textile industry.

The textile accessories/parts manufacturing has undergone changes in the recent times. How has this changed in the segment your company represents?

There is a consolidation in the textile machinery business. Worldwide, the trade will be dominated by a few companies. We need to find niche markets. Customer focus would be the key to success.

How is your company meeting the challenges of the markets demands today? If any upgradation/expansion has happened, please give details.

The markets are not encouraging for the past few years in the spinning industry. Investments are not happening. There are scope for investments in labour saving, improvement of quality and production monitoring.

What are your major products for the industry? What are the characteristics and features of your major products?

We make steaming/conditioning machines, packing systems and spares for the captioned machines. We have advanced feature for power saving and labour reduction.

Are similar but cheaper products hurting your industry? Give some details. Do you think Government intervention is needed to stem cheap import? What are the other measures that you think are necessary?

Cheaper alternatives are hurting the spinning industry to a great extent. Spares are flooding from China and other countries. Quality will only sustain. Government intervention is required to regulate the import of products.

Make in India is progressing well in many segments. How has it made strides in your company’s production? What are the specific quality measures you have adopted/installed to take care of this?

Make in India is progressing well. Indian products have got the global recognition. Companies like ELGI, L&T, LMW, TATA, TVS, Bajaj and several companies are helping the Indian industry to establish the Made in India brand abroad. This will in turn help smaller companies to penetrate the overseas markets.

Is your company in export? Which are the markets, old and new? What are the scope, prospects and problems?

We are in exports in a small way. We feel there is a good scope in the exports in the years to come.

In domestic production, does your company have any future plans to expand or diversify into other related products? Give some details, if so.

Other than textiles, we have diversified into other engineering manufacturing. This will help us achieve lower over heads and better utilisation of our manufacturing. We will be able to be competitive in the core textile industry.

With Western countries moving out of accessories market, do you see vast scope for India making a bigger impact in this market, in accessories and as OEM supplier?

Western countries are moving their manufacturing to Asia with lower costs. There is a good scope for the spares and accessories to grow in India. We should focus on making components at par with the global standards as the performance expectation is more from the customer. Gone are the days of look-alike spurious parts. We cannot expect the government for everything. We from Coimbatore grow on our own efforts rather than depending on the government.