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Why Embee’s laser stripping is better than other technologies

Feb 01, 2019
Why Embee’s laser stripping is better than other technologies

Considering these major setbacks, Embee has launched world’s first revolutionary stripping machine – LaserBird!

Embee, established in 1956 with a small beginning, always believed in continuous innovation and research for the betterment of today’s and tomorrow’s commitments to the textile industry.

Today, Embee provides a range of rotary printing solutions. As Embee is continuously working on bringing technology and innovation together, the company now completely understands the challenges faced in textile industry. Challenges such as running cost, space and energy consumption, hazardous chemicals, maintenance cost, manpower requirement and difficulty in operation slows down the productivity of the industry.

Considering these major setbacks, Embee has launched world’s first revolutionary stripping machine – LaserBird! A non hazardous, chemical free, hassle free and economical rotary screen stripping alternate to the conventional hazardous way.

What is laser stripping?

A technologically highly advanced machine in which a laser beam comes from a laser source is directed on the screen and the high energy of the laser beam burns the lacquer/coating of the photo emulsion on the surface of the screen and a suction unit removes the ash of the lacquer/coating. Laser stripping machine works in the similar way how laser engraving machine works the only difference is that in stripping, the whole screen is completely stripped and in engraving lacquer is removed from the required certain areas only.

What makes Embee’s LaserBird the best

  • Meets environmental compliances: Day by day, the global norms for compliances and other environmental norms are getting stricter. So, it’s difficult for the textile factories to use any hazardous chemicals. LaserBird is a best solution as it creates zero pollution and doesn’t require any hazardous chemical to strip
  • Lowest stripping cost per screen: As compared to conventional technologies like chemical stripping and water-jet stripping, the cost of laser stripping per screen is the lowest
  • Excellent stripping accuracy: The laser beam is extremely thin like a human hair that it reaches to the every area of the screen where conventional technology fails to reach. Hence, the laser perfectly strips the screen in the first cycle itself
  • Best suited for higher mesh screens: Higher the mesh, higher the precision required. The extremely thin laser beam strokes on each and every area of the screen and perfectly strips the screen where traditional method can’t reach. For higher mesh screen size like 155, 165, 195 and above, laser stripping is best suited with guaranteed result
  • Lowest electricity power: While making a purchase decision, apart from the price of the machine, even electricity consumption factor should be highly considered to calculate the running cost. Laser technology requires the lowest electricity as compared to other conventional technology. Laser requires as low as 8 kw of electricity to run which is 8-9 times lower than other technology
  • No running costs: Unlike other technologies for stripping, laser stripping has no other running cost
  • Commercial advantage: LaserBird is comparatively economical as compared to other conventional technologies
  • Highest screen reusability: If we compare the laser technology with traditional technologies, the re-usability of the screen is highest in laser stripping “Use it like a new screen every time!”
  • Zero hazardous chemicals: While conventional technologies have significant impact on the environment and causing irreversibly damage due to the use of extremely hazardous chemicals, water pollution, etc. Embee’s laser stripping machine doesn’t require any such hazardous chemical “Safe, efficient & green way to reclaim the screen!”
  • Machine operation: Day by day the world is getting technologically highly advanced. Customers now prefer machine which is easy to operate and requires less manpower. The operation of LaserBird is extremely easy; it requires only one labour to plug on and plug off the machine “World’s best laser technology”
  • Longer screen life: As compared to conventional technology, laser stripping machine requires minimal manual handling. Hence, in laser stripping there is negligible chance of damage on the screen caused due of manual handling which leads to significant longer life of the screen
  • Not only LaserBird but all the products of Embee are aligned with its vision. Embee Group’s vision is to be the most trusted global leader in innovative technological solutions which are focused on higher efficiency and returns for sustainable growth of all the stakeholders