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Truetzschler drawframes wow Southern Cot Spinners

Feb 01, 2018
Truetzschler drawframes wow Southern Cot Spinners

Southern Cot Spinners Coimbatore (P) Ltd is a respected name in the textile industry and is well known for its values and reliability in meeting its commitments to its customers. The mill caters to the Indian market as well as exports to a few countries. Under the visionary leadership of its Managing Director, SV Devarajan, the mill started its first project of 31,632 spindles in 2006. This year it added another 14,496 spindles to its state of art modern mill. From a modest beginning, the mill has now reached a turnover of Rs 1000 million. Upbeat about the progress achieved, D Anand, Executive Director, has plans to expand even further.

A team from A.T.E. met the mill’s Managing Director, SV Devarajan and had a brief interaction with him.


Please tell us about the recently completed project and machinery installed.

Recently we have completed 14,496 spindles, which has latest machinery like Truetzschler blow-room, TC 10 cards, breaker draw-frame TD 7 and finisher draw-frame TD-8. We also have the latest Savio automatic cone winder – model Eco PulsarS with 100 spindles. At present we have a total capacity of 46128 spindles giving a production of 4 lakh kg per month with the counts of Ne 44s, 46s and 60s.

What is your opinion about the principals that A.T.E represents?

A.T.E. has always provided the best technology to the Indian textile industry. A.T.E. has helped us throughout the project stage and even now it is closely monitoring the machines through frequent visits and updating us with the latest technical information.

Can you explain your criteria for choosing Truetzschler drawframes?

During our project discussion we compared drawframes of several manufacturers. Here Truetzschler had a slight edge over others. We even gathered information from other spinners in the region. It was very important for us to have good drawframe in our process as it is the last quality check in the process.

In conclusion, we found that Truetzschler machines were the best in the market. We are glad that it was a right decision as now we are enjoying the benefits of Truetzschler drawframes.

Could you please explain in more detail the Truetzschler edge?

Based on our experience of Truetzschler machines, here are the main reasons:

a.Latest technology

b.Timely after-sales service

c.Consistent and competitive quality output

What is that most important feature which makes the Truetzschler drawframe mill-friendly?

Features like interchangeability of electrical and electronic components in cards and drawframes ensure very low downtime and less inventory for us. Changing the hank hardly takes a minute and there is no need to replace any gears. All quality and production data can be seen on the colour display along with the running parameters.

Based on your experience will you recommend Truetzschler drawframes to other spinners?

We strongly recommend Truetzschler drawframes to everybody. Our technical team is of the opinion that Truetzschler machines are user friendly and very easy to maintain. The sturdy German technology ensures high quality and low maintenance costs.