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Premier iQUBE2 & Qmax2 for Contamination Free Yarn

Nov 01, 2017
Premier iQUBE2 & Qmax2  for Contamination Free Yarn

The contemporary sorter models focus on the complete market segment and all set to meet the stringent market requirements in delivering a contamination-free yarn.

PREMIER, an Indian major innovation centre in developing sustainable solutions for spinning industry, is on a big way in the production of the next generation all new comprehensive contamination sorter – iQUBE2, and launched a new model – Qmax2.

With the ability to master the challenges focusing on the improvements required with respect to the efficient removal of various types of contamination say a foreign material with a different property with that of cotton looks more prominent in a dyed fabric resulting in a bulk of good material ending up as seconds as well as small sizes of contamination available in cotton, the performance of the iQUBE2 and Qmax2 installations has opened up further new opportunities and increased orders.

The new models focus the complete market segment and all set to meet the current stringent market requirements in delivering a contamination-free yarn. Earlier, human assistance was required for removing the contamination from cotton. Nowadays, despite modern cultivation, harvesting and ginning techniques, a lot of new contaminations are coming along with the cotton, the reason why contamination removal systems have become a must in case of the modern blow room lines. The attempts and failures in the removal of the contaminations affect the quality and the production time as well.

Premier has developed a cutting-edge technology based on Multi Spectrum Detection Analysis (MSDA), a key technology to detect various types of PP including white and transparent strings and lower lint loss. iQUBE2 has direct connectivity with final beaters of all makes of blow room lines with minimal space requirement. The production capacity is of 1,500 kg/hour at a maximum velocity of 20 m/sec with auto correction for tuft speed variations. The evacuation of the waste is controlled by a inverter controlled ¼ HP motor resulting in huge power saving. Both automatic and manual calibration is available to control the ejection rate in case of un-cleaned atmosphere in the detection zone.

Thanks to the technology for precise detection, the new Qmax2 uses the colour de-coding module with dual core high speed parallel image processing optic, visible and invisible spectrum together with acoustic technologies and elimination of the contaminants of any colour, size and property, thereby improving the overall quality of yarn produced. The patented Transfer Zone Ejection System for controlled lint loss is based on the level and size of the contaminations available in the raw cotton. To minimise the financial burden, the tandem version of these two models can be used to optimise the detection and ejection with two different settings.


  • Best-in-class for ALL plastics
  • Comprehensive detection of various types of PP, including white and transparent strings
  • Cutting-edge technology based on MSDA
  • Direct connectivity with final beater of all blow room lines with less space requirement
  • Lowest Lint Loss

With the increase in concern over the declining quality of cotton, the removal of contamination from the raw cotton is a must to spin a quality yarn with low wastages and thereby reduce the cost of manufacturing.