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KARL MAYER takes on digital challenge with KM.ON

Dec 01, 2018
KARL MAYER takes on digital challenge with KM.ON

It’s KM.ON: KARL MAYER calls it a “digital driven innovation”, its new concept, new brand and a company to meet the challenges of digitalisation for its customers!

Speaking to the Editor of Indian Textile Journal in an exclusive interview, Antonia Gottschalk, Chief Digital Officer of KM.ON said: “KARL MAYER always cares about customers future. So, we decided to set up this digital strategy which consistsour new umbrella brand KM.ON where bundle all the digital know-how and digital innovations of KARL MAYER and we become a shareholder of ADAMOS, Germany’s first alliance of well-known industrial companies and Software AG, the second biggest German software company Said Maximilian Kurig, Chief Executive Officer of KM.ON: “Our products are designed to make our customers more successful. With this KM.ON, we are addressing the major issues in the main processes.

By this, we are developing solutions for the management of the companies. We are also developing solutions for the quality planning and control. With this, the companies can work how they can proceed with their partners and manage systems right from the supply of raw materials. Buy materials effectively, and sell efficiently with the software and systems designed for easy programming through KM.ON.”

By next year at ITMA Barcelona, there will be systems for effective maintenance. The customers can find out the breakdowns in machines and can be supported on how to fix those through the systems and software tools, developed by us. The system gives instant support and hence our customers need not wait for help, but can do the correction themselves and earn more money by way of these software developments.

This is the first step to unlock the potential of digital systems by KARL MAYER, and this will be an ongoing process,” said Maximilian.

The entire system, which is made up of eight KM.ON solution categories, together with the first apps and solutions covering the three areas of Management, Maintenance and Service, have been presented very recently. The three areas are: enables the customer to look at the current production process, regardless of location and in real time.The production data are displayed clearly on a dashboard. This simple way of delivering information improves process transparency and acts as a valid database for decision-making and planning. These advantages are based on KARL MAYER’s own system of machine networking.

The solutions in the k.maintenance category are designed to support customers in their own maintenance operations. As the first solution, KARL MAYER is showcasing the CHECK PARTS app for testing the authenticity of the spare parts, with expanded functions. Above all, the scan-to-order feature is new and makes it even easier to order spare parts online. Automatic data transfer improves the customers’ day-to-day operations when ordering on site, as well as for warehousing.

k.service’s product world will, in the long term, include all the functions that manage the communication between the customer and KARL MAYER, should the client require assistance. The ability to make contact quickly, together with efficient communication procedures, guarantees a high level of machine availability. In Shanghai, KARL MAYER showcased the latest developments in this system, which is based on the tried-and-tested CONNECT app. Saying that the Asian market is very important to KARL MAYER, Maximilian said that “we are talking to various customers and trying to understand the needs and processes so that we can attune our systems to cater to the needs of the industry in Asian market, especially India, which is very crucial to our market development.”

The KARL MAYER Digital Factory is a pioneering company operating alongside thwis innovative market leader. It employs a team of software specialists and technology experts in a new, creative environment away from the main company headquarters. Both leaders -- CDO and CEO are convinced that “this new venture will develop efficient digital solutions quickly and flexibly for the benefit of our customers and deliver them under its own, new umbrella brand, since digital solutions are expanding the possibilities of considerably improving the efficiency of our customers’ production processes and giving them unparalleled competitive advantages.”

KM.ON is a company with an ongoing agenda. Steps have already been proposed to expand the offers of KM.ON. Other solutions and the expansion phases for existing products are already being planned, eg, in the areas of data analysis, condition monitoring and the digital machine logbook.