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High-performance high-speed doors from Gandhi Automations

Jan 01, 2020
High-performance high-speed doors from Gandhi Automations

Rapid doors are manufactured and installed keeping in mind international standards.

High performance doors are automatic doors used for fast access between internal and external areas of buildings. Prime high-performance doors are designed and factory-made with German collaboration using state-of-the-art and resourceful engineering technology for frequent use in high traffic areas with opening speeds up to 2.5 m/s. The high opening speed reduces time taken in movement of material, thus hastening the logistics process. The company’s team of skilled engineers’ visits site and recommend the most suitable rapid door to client. Rapid doors are manufactured and installed keeping in mind international standards.

Many manufacturing industries nowadays need a controlled environment in which you limit the amount of dirt and dust in the manufacturing premises. Medical instrument manufacturer, electronics and computer manufacturer, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and some military applications are but a few of the examples that have strict requirements for maintaining dust free environment. High speed doors have become integral part of every industry.

High speed high-performance doors excel during intense operation and in demanding conditions. Fast-acting fabric and insulated doors can improve efficiency, safety and hygiene in facilities where doors open and close frequently, i.e., manufacturing sites, cold stores and cleanroom type facilities. Achieve maximum environmental control and separation at the door opening with Gandhi Automation’s high-speed doors. The main function of a high-speed door is to act as a barrier. High-speed doors protect us from harm, save energy and help us to separate processes for optimal productivity. A high-speed door’s most important job is to simply open and close quickly and safely every time you need it.

Gandhi Automation’s revolutionary line of high-speed doors is designed with these efficiencies in mind to bring your workflow to its high potential. Known for high speed, low maintenance, and maximum uptime, Gandhi Automations’ doors offer the industry’s widest range of solutions to fit your every need.

Gandhi Automation’s has a large collection of high performance, high speed door solutions in roll-up and bi-parting designs, available in versatile track configurations. Capable of moving at 100 inches per second (2.5 m/sec), the cycle times of Gandhi Automations’ doors maximise energy savings by minimising the amount of air that can escape each time the doors open and close. Unlike traditional hard bi-parting doors, flexible roll-up doors have the ability to withstand forklift impact and snap right back into their tracks. This is a huge benefit in a warehouse space, where damaged doors can mean significant expenses in terms of downtime and service calls, as well as energy loss.

High-speed doors are used to enhance a building’s security, save energy, manage traffic flows and temperature fluctuations and to improve the internal environment for the employees. There is no other building that requires this more than those that manufacture, store, process and distribute food. A wide range of prime high-speed doors are available for various operations, including areas with special requirements for temperature control, hygiene, storage and handling of frozen foods, Atex rapid doors are need in explosion proof areas, deep freezer automatic roll up door are need in cold storages, warehousing, loading bays and on conveyor systems. Prime reset features a special advanced self-repairing system.

Gandhi Automations’ is an established market leader in the supply and installation of all types of high-speed doors to the industrial and commercial sector. The company can provide high speed doors that enclose, partition and protect any room or building involved in the application of industry, pharmaceutical, logistic warehouse, machine, factories, cold storage food and drink – whether it be raw ingredients, meat or an abattoir, bakery, fruit and vegetable distribution depot or any other relevant item or site that requires stringent management for storage and movement.

Key benefits of high-speed doors:

  • Self-repairing
  • Temperature control
  • Energy efficient
  • Enhanced security
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy repairs

    High-speed doors also play a role in reducing noise, keeping out vermin and improving logistics – all things that will boost your operational productivity and therefore your profits. The team at Gandhi Automations can advise on insulation, material and finish options, depending on the intended use of the high-speed doors.