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Goller “KNIT MERC” open width knit mercerizing range

Sep 01, 2019
Goller “KNIT MERC” open width knit mercerizing range

Better lustre, lesser shrinkage and reduced dyestuff consumption are some of the benefits of Goller’s latest knit mercerizing range, KNIT MERC.

Goller is a famous German leading company in manufacturing of open width textile processing ranges, which has become a member of the CHTC Fong’s Group since 2006. The integration of Goller into the CHTC Fong’s Group has facilitated the proliferation of Goller’s state-of-the-art wet finishing ranges all over the world. Starting from 2007, there are more than 400 Goller’s ranges being manufactured at CHTC Fong’s factory.

During ITMA 2019 Barcelona, Goller showed its latest model of knit mercerizing range, which is “KNIT MERC” together with the new generation of washing unit - Sintensa Cyclone Tandem, which is designed for generating high washing efficiency with minimal tension incurred. Goller knit mercerizing range has been commonly applied for enhancing the values of cellulosic fibre-made fabrics. By putting fabrics on Goller knit mercerizing range for mercerizing, the fabrics will be firstly immersed in caustic soda in high concentration, then followed by certain extent of tension ap-plied. Mercerizing not only improves the dyeability but also the dimensional stability of fabrics. After the fabrics being mercerized, the lustre gained is ever-lasting whereas a smoother hand-feel can be expected, which ends up bringing the overall quality of fabrics to the stand-out-from-the-crowd level.

The very first set of Goller’s Knit Merc has been sold to a customer who produces high-end knit fabrics in Portugal. With the demand of comfortable clothing growing year by year, it is expected that the application of mercerizied knit fabrics on garments will also increase accordingly.

The key features and advantages of Goller “KNIT MERC” are:

  • Better absorbency than non-mercerized fabrics
  • 15 – 20 per cent lesser dyestuff consumption than non-mercerized fabrics
  • Maximization of colour depths, especially for medium dark or dark shade reactive-printed fab-rics
  • Lesser shrinkage incurred during garment wash
  • Better lustre and dimensional stability achieved than fabrics mercerized with tubular machine
  • Lower utility consumption than fabrics mercerized with tubular machine
  • Crease-free fabric processing

By considering all the features and advantages of Goller KNIT MERC, it is not unrealistic to con-clude that this range will become a popular choice in the market of open width knit fabrics pro-cessing in the near future.