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Staubli products for Turkish industry

May 01, 2016
Staubli products for Turkish industry

The Turkish weaving market has long been amongst Stäubli’s most important markets. Anticipating rising demand and the growing importance of the Turkish textile industry, Stäubli invested in a fully owned subsidiary in Istanbul back in the mid-90s.

Stäubli’s sales and technical teams cover the whole country, from Istanbul to Kayseri and Gaziantep, closely collaborating with customers as long-term partners.

These relationships are beneficial for both Stäubli and its customers. As an industry partner, Stäubli constantly analyses customers’ most important needs and integrates solutions to them in the development of its new products. Working in this way, Stäubli offers an extensive machinery range that perfectly meets weavers’ expectations and offers mills increased advantages in terms of reliability, long service life and versatility in application.

* Shedding solutions for frame weaving machines (cam motions, electronic dobbies)
* High-speed Jacquard machines with customer-specific harnesses
* Automated weaving preparation machines (for drawing in and warp tying)
* Carpet and technical textiles weaving machines
* Knitting solutions and drive systems

Amongst the products being exhibited at the ITM are:

LX Jacquard machine

This machine was successfully launched at last year’s ITMA in Milan. At the ITM, visitors will see it demonstrated with Stäubli harnesses. Built with uncompromising high-quality materials and designed to perform with utmost precision at very high speeds, The LX Jacquard machine allows mills to weave sophisticated fabrics for virtually any application – from colourful African damask to automobile airbags.

Dobbies and cam motions

The third generation of Stäubli’s rotary dobbies, the S3060/3260 series, can be seen with many application examples at the Stäubli stand and the booths of many other weaving machine manufacturers. This new generation of rotary dobbies reaches new heights of performance and reliability.

Weaving preparation systems

Today, thousands of weaving mills around the world rely on the automatic drawing-in machinery from Switzerland. At ITM, weavers can see the recently-launched SAFIR S60 drawing in a 100 per cent cotton warp sheet (8,173 ends) with Ne 80/2 threads into 16 heald frames (steel J-shaped end loops), drop wires, and reed with a density 200 dents/10cm.

Carpet weaving systems

The Stäubli business unit, Schönherr carpet systems, will showcase sophisticated carpet samples. These samples illustrate technological advances such as the recently-introduced Magic Shadow Effect, the traditional carpet effect and other high-density applications.

Automatic toe-closing device for circular knitting machines

A recent innovation, the D4S automatic toe-closing device, will be presented on a circular sock knitting machine. Also at the booth will be a variety of servo motors, electronic control solutions, input/output devices and related programming tools used mainly in the textile industry.

Original Stäubli spare parts

Stäubli supplies a full range of original-quality spare parts to ensure the longest service life of its machines. Customers can easily manage and handle their replacement parts needs using Stäubli’s convenient interactive spare parts catalogue.