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Lacom's new-gen laminating & coating machines

Oct 01, 2015

At the Lacom stall, one can, with the help of the team of experts and the Lacom products, experience cutting-edge ideas and state-of-the-art technologies of one of the world´s leading suppliers of laminating and coating machines. Lacom will introduce during the ITMA show a new generation of laminating and coating machines for the treatment of flexible substrates.

Key feature of the system is, that hotmelt´s are not only used as adhesion promoter between two and more layers, but also as functional layer on the surface of the substrate. A modified application head and the integration of impact zones allow the application of ´real coatings´. The new developed machine concept ´Evolution´ should replace solvent based and drying intensive coating system with the human and environmental friendly hotmelt technology. The modular designed system provides to the user a very high flexibility in the configuration of the driving and feeding system of the line.

As additional highlight will be a display of the Lacom RobotCell. This system offers a flexible possibility to automate production. It can be placed with space saving and one can extend the grade of automation by adding more cells. The Robot Cell is used for ultrasonic welding, application of pastes and liquids as well as pick and place applications. It can also be used as a mobile unit to adapt to extended production capacities.

Coating, lamination and assembly technique
Filters are today produced in a various shapes, dimensions and functions, to meet the requirements for the different end uses. Since the early 90s, first machines and systems have been sold and installed from us at leading filter producers in Europe.

Due to the synergies between Lacom and its holding company Kiener Maschinenbau GmbH, the company is in the position to provide its clients a complete solution of production systems for the filter industry. Its systems cover the technologies of coating, lamination and also the assembling and handling process of the final filter media. The Kiener Maschinenbau GmbH is global acting company and well known for unique and reliable assembly systems for the automotive industry and many other applications. In the field of coating systems, the subsidiary Lacom GmbH is of one the leading machine producers for a huge variety of applications.

Coating medias can be applied as an adhesion promoter between two or more layers in different shapes and quantities. The coating picture can be applied on an open structure and as a full cover layer. For the production of air filters also the bead application is in use and therefore a common technology for Lacom. Besides roller applications systems, Lacom also offers a wider range of slot die and nozzle application heads. The coating and working with starts from 500mm for pilot systems up to 5.200 mm for production lines. Production lines can be designed for R2R applications and as flexible robot cells for different field of applications

A functional application like scattering of activated carbon is only one of our specialties in this segment. The grain size can vary between 100 and 400 micron. Upon completion of filter materials with Lacom systems, the handling and assembling of the final filter can be planned by our experts from Kiener in different automations degrees according to the customer demands. Fast running systems for the assembling of metal free fuel or oil filters with cycle times smaller than four seconds are fast running systems of Kiener as well as flexible systems for the production of cabin filters with complex external contours.

Therefore the company´s solutions meet all the associated technical and commercial production requirements of this market. As a family owned company, Lacom is well known as a reliable, social and innovative entrepreneur in region with more than 500 employees around the world.

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