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Continuous R&D is our forte: MD of Rabatex

Aug 01, 2019
Continuous R&D is our forte: MD of Rabatex

The future of Rabatex Group was incepted in the year 1962, and since then it was not looking back. This was their first step towards becoming a trendsetter in the textile industry as well as other engineering industry.

A very positive and charismatic Haresh Panchal, Managing Director of Rabatex Industries, took us through the journey of the company during ITJ’s interaction at ITMA Barcelona. He said, “Rabatex was established in the year 1962 by family members. Initially, we started with manufacturing precision components for MNC companies like Ingersoll Rand and Hindutsan Tractors , where supplied products that we manufactured were exported to the US markets. This was in 1970s. Later on, we started manufacturing screen printing machines, followed by warp preparation machines like sectional warper machines, crank shaft for Weaving Machines, customised machinery, material handling equipment, etc. Now we have a complete range for warp preparation machines.”

Rabatex gained experience during the initial periods by manufacturing basic sectional warping machines, material handling-storage machinery, customised machinery. Now, the company offers advanced computerised sectional warping machines, single end sample warping machines, single end sizing machines, specialty warping creels with electronic controls, precision tensioner, manual as well as electric operated material handling – storage equipment for various industry, customised tailor-made machinery for technical textile. The range of machinery are suitable for every segment from micro units to large scale modern units.

It is the continuous R&D that has inspired Rabatex to come out with innovative and new products, which can be competed with the global players. He added, “I’ve attended five ITMA exhibitions till date, including the current one. If you see, during all the ITMA exhibitions, we have tried to display the advanced technologies, which offers something new in terms of customer benefits; they are also innovative products. Rabatex is a technological driven company, and we have put maximum investment in research and customer support.”

“The major attraction at ITMA is the single-end sizing machine/advanced sample warping machine. We have done a new development, which is also a need of the industry. With this machine, we will be able to achieve better speed and production, and it is economical compared to other brand.

The Single End Sizing for the warp contributes to the improvement of weaving efficiency and quality. The ergonomically designed and individual spindle driven Rabatex Single End Sizing Machine RI 8001 is available in 4, 8 or 12 spindle configurations. The machine offers easy yarn passage, there is no excess yarn tension and has an easy to handle yarn brake. It is possible to size yarns counts of between 10’s and 120’s Ne & 30 to 210 deniers at winding speeds of up to 300 m per minute, depending on the yarn type. The RI 8001 comes with a grooved drum or yarn traverse system for polyester yarn and the length measuring system (optional). The RI 8001 comes with choice of an electrical or dry steam heater for the heating system to dry the yarn. The air circulation fan and the temperature controller provide uniform and required temperature for all spindles, to ensure and maintain even drying,” said Panchal.

The Advanced Sample Warper, Model RI 6001, having 16 colour rotary creel with optimisation software for yarn package position, able to produce maximum warp length of 450 m, having operating speed of 1000 m/min.

“At the moment for our newly-developed products, we have already been booked for seven to eight machines,” he added.

After Rabatex’s modest beginning, the company has now customers in more than 28 countries. In fact, during the exhibition itself, we were able to conclude orders from USA and Bangladesh, ” said Panchal smilingly. He added, “At present, of the total market share, around 75 per cent is the domestic market and the rest 25 per cent is exports.”

At present, yearly Rabatex produces close to 130 sectional warping machines, 9 to 10 sample warping machines and more than 400 spindles for single end sizing. “Apart from this, we also have electric-operated Material Handling equipment for the weaving industry. We manufacture close to 300-325 such equipment in a year. In India, almost 60-70 per cent of the textile industry is served by Rabatex Industries,” said the company’s MD.

Speaking on the plans for the company, Panchal had this to say: “Last March, we had entered into a joint venture with KARL MAYER of Germany and A.T.E. Enterprises to manufacture warp preparation machines for the Indian market with the technological guidelines from KARL MAYER.”

“Down the line, we are also coming up with new expansions, adding more high-end machines for manufacturing at Rabatex,” he said adding that in the next couple of years, Rabatex is going to triple its current capacity. “Apart from textiles, we are also focusing on logistics and material handling equipment for different industries. So we definitely need more capacity for this. Nowadays, logistics and storage is the most important parameter for any production industries. Rabatex has been working with these products for the last few years and now we are coming up with new products in the next quarter.”

He concludes, “We are also developing some machines for technical textiles. In 2020, we have India ITME exhibition in Noida; we will showing our advance machinery at this exhibition.”

At present, yearly Rabatex produces close to 130 sectional warping machines, 9 to 10 sample warping machines and more than 400 spindles for single end sizing.