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Bracker's new STARLETplus Traveller

May 01, 2016

Bräcker is the specialist for key components for ring spinning machines. The company will introduce several innovative solutions at ITM in Istanbul. One of Bräcker’s important innovation is the STARLETplus traveller. Bräcker will present them at ITM in Istanbul.

In challenging conditions like high humidity or aggressive fibres, the STARLETplus offers additional benefits: The traveller service life can be prolonged by up to 50 per cent and due to its improved coating, the new traveller shows a better resistance against corrosion. These advantages result in lower maintenance costs in the spinning mill. During the entire service life the yarn quality values remain constant. The STARLETplus is particularly recommended for viscose and CO/CV blends, dyed MMF fibres and special applications. The new traveller is suitable for the entire yarn count range.

Another innovation presented at ITM is the BERKOL supergrinder for automatic grinding of ring, roving and air spinning top rollers. The modular machine improves the grinding capacity compared to the previous version by more than 50 per cent. The BERKOL supergrinder has a grinding capacity of up to 350 top rollers per hour and offers a storage capacity of 450 top rollers with 32 mm diameter. At the same time, the power consumption has been reduced by 10 per cent. The BERKOL supergrinder has a touch panel for easy operation. The user interface is multi-lingual in German, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

Other products, which Bräcker will present at ITM include TITAN and ORBIT spinning rings, PYRIT and ZIRKON travellers, cost saving maintenance tools, and the well-known range of BERKOL cots and aprons.