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Marzoli offers automation solutions for spinners

Jun 01, 2018
Marzoli offers automation solutions for spinners

Marzoli is a leading supplier of textile machinery and components for short-staple fibre processing since 1851. It has an active market in 75 countries, including decades of presence in India. Francesco Gozio from Marzoli’s marketing department, recently attended TAI’s Industry 4.0 meet in Mumbai. His presence to the conference was meant to present to the audience the outstanding software solutions that Marzoli has been promoting since the last edition of ITMA. In Istanbul, where he met Samuel Joseph, Editor of The ITJ, he spoke about these two markets and other aspects in an exclusive interview with him.

“Indian mills are very receptive to modern technologies and are eager to adopt them. Marzoli is ready to supply these since the Italian company’s mission has always been to supply the most advanced spinning solutions and was the first textile machinery manufacturer to develop IoT products for the textile industry. Outstanding mechanics and state-of-the-art electronics with the benefits arising from Marzoli’s software platforms make Marzoli the ideal partner for any spinner willing to differentiate along the lines of productivity and quality”, said Gozio.

Gozio compared the two markets – India and Turkey: “Although the two markets may have different types of productions I believe spinning mills in both Turkey and India are relying on cutting edge technology to reduce their production costs and increase quality.”

He continued: “When I was in India to attend the Textile Association’s Industry 4.0 conference, I found many people receptive to our new software and automation products. India is surely well positioned to become one of the leading markets from the technological point of view. Indian mills know that in order to compete effectively at an international level, there is a need to install sophisticated machinery and automation. This is where Marzoli steps in. Machine performance today depends on advancements in technologies. Turnover, profitability and economics are affected by these aspects.”

Gozio when talking about the assets of Marzoli’s machines said: “Marzoli’s mission has always been to supply the most advanced technology for the benefit of the industry. The Indian market, in particular, has appreciated the technological content of our machines with the roving frame, the machine that so far we have sold the most in the Indian market. This machine, that can reach up to 224 spindles and wind bobbins of 16” x 6” perfectly spun roving, has independent drives controlled by the latest Siemens technology. Technological and production parameters are displayed and can be set on the touch screen. And the solid mechanics and fast and reliable automatic doffing underpin the superior productivity and efficiency levels achievable with this machine.