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Autotex forges ahead

Nov 01, 2015
Autotex forges ahead

Rieter, the Swiss-based leader in spinning technology has a strict policy on quality, and if it awards a company for its ´Best Quality´ and as it´s ´Reliable Global Supplier´, it is no small achievement! But that is the peak of performance that Autotex has scaled in the recent times by bagging these prestigious awards for its bobbin-holders. Now, Autotex, a Coimbatore-based manufacturer of world class bobbin-holders is set to make an indelible impression at the ITMA Milan by launching this innovative bobbin-holder with its patented 4-point holder and suspension system.

Says Ramanujam, Managing Director of Autotex: ´We are delighted to participate in this global event at Milan and is doubly happy to launch our unique bobbin-holders at this event for the global buyers. We are very confident that our patented system will create a revolution in the spinning industry and the results of using this system will attract more buyers in the years to come.´

Autotex currently satisfies the global requirement of bobbin-holders of Rieter system. It also is a OEM supplier to other leading companies like Saurer, Schlafhorst, Toyota, Marzoli and Lakshmi Machine Works. ´Our market for bobbin-holders has been expanding very fast in the recent years, and it is a matter of pride that companies from many countries are buying from us. Besides, we have been finding new buyers, who have been recommended by our regular buyers since our bobbin-holders are proven accessories and are unbeatable in quality by even products from the all other competitors,´ says Ramanujam.

Autotex has been broadening its range of its bobbin-holders and has innovated for each and every spinning system available globally. ´We were the first company in India to introduce the bobbin-holders with a trouble free ratchet mechanism in 1992 and the first to introduce bobbin-holders for auto creel system in 1995. In 2005 Autotex presented its patented bobbin holder with Multi Brake System (MBS). By 2015, the company perfected the system of the bobbin holder with suspension system and 4 point holding,´ says Autotex MD.

Autotex does not want to rest on its laurels. Expanding distributorship and new product launches are on anvil. ´Innovation is a non-stop, continuous process and in our company, it is the basic philosophy that has made us excel in quality of our products. Our R&D team has been constantly endeavoring to improve the product features and also innovating new characteristics to introduce into the products for the benefit of the users. Our clients and their needs are the inspiration behind our growth and boost in quality,´ says Ramanujam.