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Stewart makes in India for India

Mar 01, 2015
Stewart makes in India for India

Stewart, the name that has stamped an inerasable print in the minds of the textile industry for its renowned pinned products for over a century, has never let India out of its sight. In China, it established its set-up a decade ago. Now, only a year back, it opened its third factory in the world in Bangalore, India. Located in Bommassandra, Bengaluru, Stewart Pinned Products Private Limited is dedicated to the supply of the full range of pinned products to all Indian customers.

Additionally, the plant is ideally located to offer a full refurbishment and repair service to local customers. Full product design, development and production can now be undertaken locally at the India facilities. Michael White, Director of Stewart Pinned Products Pvt Ltd, is unfazed by competition in similar products in India. ´Stewart was established in Scotland in 1874. The Indian plant is a 100 per cent subsidiary, fully owned by the Scotish company. However, we have been in India for almost 20 years now. We have been supplying to many companies in India all these years. But now we will be closer to the customers with our new plant in Bangalore,´ Michael told the Editor of ITJ during an exclusive chat.

Michael finds the market a bit sluggish in the last 6 to 7 months. ´But we are hopeful of an uptrend in the coming quarter, ´ he said. ´We are at the higher end of the market. We are certainly leaders in pinned products. Our main supply is to OEMs like LMW, Rieter and so on. We follow up these with the end-users in the replacement market,´ he added.

Michael continued: ´Our main markets are now in Asia. Europe today has too few textile manufacturers. China and Turkey are also major producers of textiles today. Even though China is a differently big market, nowadays there are some economic difficulties they are undergoing. Our pinned products mainly go to cotton-based industry.´ Michael is very clear about the Indian venture. ´Now the main thrust of the Indian set-up is production for the Indian market only. May be after this first phase, we may use this base for stepping up production for other markets. It all depends on how the market is responding and moving,´ said Michael.

Talking of Pinpoint Technology, Mohammed Haris, Director of Stewart, Bengaluru, said pPinned products provide are more reliable and better alternative to wired products. Pinned products cause less damage to fibres, producing a better product and have a longer life span than wired products.

Stewart can effectively demonstrate how the company can convert Wired Products to Pinned Products or custom-manufacture new Pinned Products for any of the machinery. Its patented Pinlock® has excellent pin hold, with the new & pinlock & pin retention system. This is a Stewart's standard on Pinned Rollers for fibre processing.

STEWARTS is the world's leading manufacturer of Pinned Products ´ providing greater accuracy, strength and durability over other conventional products.

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