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Basant Wire goes for new venture in OE parts

Mar 01, 2015
Basant Wire goes for new venture in OE parts

Kishore Khaitan, Managing Director of Basant Wire Industries Pvt Ltd, Jaipur is a facile, easy-going and more willing talker when it comes to the technologies and USPs of his company´s products, of which he speaks with pride asserting that ´customized solutions and value addition make our products preferred even over buying replacements parts from OEM suppliers.´ Basant Wire, with more than 50 years of experience, he claims is the world´s manufacturer of the widest range of high precision pins, needles and pinned products for applications in textile, non-woven, perforation and fibrillation machinery.

Khaitan is now pinning high hopes on a new project: ´We are setting up a new plant for manufacturing all open-end spinbox components like coming rollers, rotors and navels. The machinery for the plant has already been dispatched from our collaborators. The plant will start production in the 2015-16 financial year. The initial capacity will be 40,000 rollers per annum. Our American collaborator is the same one we have for some of our products. These new products have a worldwide demand and basically, these are import substitution products and hence are expected to be affordable,´ he told the Editor of ITJ recently during the latter´s visit to his stall at the recently-concluded Texfair in Coimbatore.

Khaitan is passionate about the new avenue of growth for his company. ´The open-end rotor spinning is a very effective technology for coarse and medium-count yarns. Now a lot of advancements have come in the rotor technology. Today one can make very good yarns like yarns for hosiery in open-end rotors. The ultimate end of open-end rotors is reducing cost, improving productivity and flexibility and yarn quality. Our products are aimed at reducing the cost of replacement parts in rotor machines,´ he said.

Khaitan leaves no stones unturned when he extols the virtues of his products. He said: ´Better life and design of the products are our objective. This will pave way for customized solutions for end-products. We are not just product sellers. We give complete technology knowledge to the buyers of our parts. Take for example, our pins, licker-in and beaters in which we have already set a new record. We are one of the very few companies, which do not just sell a product but we advice, customise and provide the complete solution till the customer is satisfied. That is our strength.´

Basant Wire´s performance, not only in the domestic market, but also in exports, has been moving up on the chart. ´ In the current year our exports constitute 50 per cent of our turnover. Africa, South East Asia, US, and Europe are some of our major export destinations. South East Asia, from where we have been receiving very good response include Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea. In Europe also we have had good repeat orders from Italy, Germany and The Netherlands,´he said.

Said Khaitan: ´Today pinned products are favoured over wires because they treat the fibres softly, are easy to handle and less problematic. In this field, our brands like Porcupine occupy a leading position in the market. This ensures consistency in quality. With innovative fibres being invented every day, the pin technology has gained an upper hand because of its flexibility and longer shelf-life.´

Basant uses advanced technology and modern CNC machinery to manufacture its products to international quality standards. The company has an international patent for plastic stenter pin bars in its name. The company has partnered with Stewarts of America, Inc to provide the finest pinned products for the global market.