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A.T.E unveils Hangzhou rapier loom

Mar 01, 2015
A.T.E unveils Hangzhou rapier loom

A.T.E Group has never hesitated in presenting some of the best machinery and equipment to the Indian textile industry. The group, strengthened by engineering talents of its personnel, has been scouting for technological excellence in all the textile machinery from any part of the world. At the recently concluded GTTES in Mumbai, A.T.E. unveiled one of the best rapier looms of the China Hangzhou Huahong Machinery Co Ltd.

Hangzhou´s towel rapier looms are well-known throughout the world, and to have a tie-up with the A.T.E. Group for marketing these rapier looms in India is one more feather in the Chinese company´s cap. The electronic terry rapier loom Model GA738-I, which was unveiled by Anuj Bhagwati, Managing Director of A.T.E. Group and Yu Liping, General Manager of Hangzhou Huahong Machinery, has automatic pick-finding function with all-electronic let-off and take-up selection.

The Model GA738-I rapier loom has a working width from 190 cm to 360 cm. The speed is up to 260 RPM. Speed regulation is through inverter. The shedding is electronic dobby or electronic jacquard. The let-off is through electronic through frequency controlled motor and the take-off is also electronic through servo motor. Handzhou Huahong located near the Qiantang River in China has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing looms, especially rapier terry towel looms. It has an annual turnover of over 8000 million yuan. Huahong looms are exported to Europe, the US, Hong Kong and Macao.

Speaking to ITJ, Anuj said that these looms are equipped with different types of weft accumulators and are very suitable to the Indian textile industry. These rapier looms have many salient features.