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Cutting-edge solutions from ANDRITZ

Apr 01, 2018
Cutting-edge solutions from ANDRITZ

Together with the prestigious ramisch technologies, which are now part of the ANDRITZ portfolio, ANDRITZ has advanced to become one of the top addresses in the textile calender market. ANDRITZ teXcal calender range has been characterised for many decades by highest quality standards, outstanding performance, reliability, flexibility, and state-of-the-art deflection-controlled rolls for any textile application. An all-embracing, first-class product and service portfolio is at customers’ disposal.

ANDRITZ delivers carding solutions perfectly suited to every application and process demand for needlepunch, spunlace, and air-through bonding. All requirements in terms of capacity, fiber range or web properties can be covered with ANDRITZ cards. Whether for durable applications, such as geotextile, filtration, or automotive, or for disposable end-uses, such as wipes, cotton pads, medical applications or face masks, ANDRITZ offers a wide range of carding solutions to meet customers’ needs. One highlight of the ANDRITZ portfolio is the innovative TT card, which provides perfect web uniformity at very high speed.

ANDRITZ offers customised solutions to nonwovens producers for hygiene end-uses, such as top sheets and acquisition distribution layers, using the air-through bonding process. With the ANDRITZ flat oven, customers benefit from high production capacity and high-performance fabrics from 16-80 gsm, produced with bicomponent fibers. The CETI European Institute in Lille, France, recently installed an air-through bonding oven from ANDRITZ. The ANDRITZ team is looking forward to meeting you at HIGHTEX to show you how to achieve smooth and modern production operations.

ANDRITZ is a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metal working and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial segments. Other important fields of business are animal feed and biomass pelleting, as well as automation, where ANDRITZ offers a wide range of innovative products and services in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sector under the brand name of Metris. In addition, the international technology Group is active in power generation (steam boiler plants, biomass power plants, recovery boilers, and gasification plants) and environmental technology (flue gas cleaning plants) and offers equipment for the production of nonwovens, dissolving pulp, and panelboard, as well as recycling plants.

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