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World’s fastest robotic sectional warping machine from Prashant

Nov 01, 2016
World’s fastest robotic sectional warping machine from Prashant

Ahmedabad-based Prashant Group of Companies first ventured into several textile manufacturing business in 1987. The Group has been enjoying the No. 1 position in weaving preparatory. All machines—right from warping machine, direct warper to sectional warper, sizing machine, material handling equipment and all other machineries—are manufactured at its Ahmedabad plant, under joint venture with various US and European companies that include Prashant Gamatex, Prashant West Point Machinery, Prashant Ferber, Prashant Texmach and Prashant Rostoni.

While speaking to the ITJ about Prashant Group’s plans for the biggest event, India-ITME, Amoli Shah, Director, Prashant Group of Companies, said that the company is planning to display the world’s fastest automatic robotic sectional warping machine model PB 9 along with creel.

How has your company been doing in the last few years -- in terms of new product and technology launches?

Prashant Group is India’s largest group for weaving preparatory equipment. The Group has always been a pioneer in developing new products and technology. Innovation is a motto of Prashant Group. In the last few years, Prashant Group has expanded its wings and have added many new products in its portfolio as well as have adapted new technologies in its existing products.

Few of the products added are Indigo sheet dyeing range, Indigo rope dyeing range, Inspection machine, vertical beam storage system with handling of beam at multi floor level, specialised warper for very heavy duty technical textile and fastest robotic sectional warping.

Can you give us the USP of some of your important machines and products for the textile industry? How has been market that you have been serving doing in the past and currently?

Important machines produced by Prashant Group are high-tech sectional warping machines and creels, sizing machine, direct warpers, denim preparation equipment, indigo rope dyeing and sheet dyeing, warpers for PP and HDPE tapes, heavy duty warpers for technical textiles, and all kinds of motorised and manual warp beam handling system, vertical beam storage system, drum warper for warp knitting as well as complete range of narrow fabric machinery.

What differentiate Prashant Group is that, we have complete in-house manufacturing facility. Most sheet metal components are manufactured in our fabrication shop, which is equipped with latest machinery like laser cutting, plasma cutting, CNC bending, robotic welding, drilling and lathe machines. We have our in-house shot blasting plant for paint preparation, which gives much better paint quality.

What are your plans for the India-ITME 2016 and the Indian textile industry? How have you been faring in India so far?

Upcoming India-ITME 2016 is an important exhibition. Prashant Group will be displaying its latest innovations in this exhibition. We will be also showing the world’s fastest automatic robotic sectional warping machine model PB 9 along with creel. This machine is suitable for all types of yarn and it can make full length beam much faster than the regular high speed sectional warping machine. You can reduce the labour cost, yarn inventory cost and save the space.

Nowadays, labour is becoming a bit expensive, and acquiring a place is also a huge task. In fact, people want faster movement. So our focus is on automation. In the era of technological enhancement, robots can can perform repeatedly precise jobs better than human beings. Various manual functions required in the conventional sectional warping needs to be replaced by such technological advancement to cater the to-day’s highly changing fashion trends. The new generation machines brings a new dimension to the sectional warping whilst guaranteeing efficient production combined with the highest warp quality. Unique features of this machine are: endless warping, highest productivity, flexibility, perfect warp quality, automatic leasing, finest quality weaver beam, and independent use from both side of creel. Besides, we are also going to display motorised trolleys to handle cloth rolls. This trolley increase the productivity by 2.5 times and reduces the efforts drastically. In current scenario, more and more textile manufacturers are seeking automation even in material handling to stay lean in their operation. This is the reason, our main focus is on motorised trolleys. We will also be displaying some innovative parts for sizing machine and dyeing machine.