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Loepfe portfolio of quality control solutions

Mar 01, 2020
Loepfe portfolio of quality control solutions

Africa’s continuously growing textile industry offers exciting possibilities. Especially Ethiopia is not only farming its own cotton, but has also made major investments in the development of the entire textile value chain. Textiles meeting the corresponding quality requirements are manufactured for the local market and for international trade. Another example is South Africa, which has entered the technical textiles sector and manufactures a wide range of textiles with different requirements on technologies and quality assurance.

Just the right moment to present Loepfe’s comprehensive portfolio of quality control solutions to the African market: There is the new yarn clearer generation YarnMaster PRISMA which ensures optimised performance for all yarn styles. The four sensor technologies interact intelligently and ensure unprecedented fault visibility and data quality. This unconventional new concept guarantees the perfect balance between efficiency and quality. In addition, interesting information on Loepfe’s data collection and management system MillMaster TOP 2.0 will be provided. The quality process is conveniently managed as an integrated part of the functional scope of YarnMaster PRISMA. YarnMaster EOS was also shown. It convinces with most reliable clearing results for the open-end spinning process. WeftMaster FALCON-i will be of great interest for all high-tech fabric producers: Yarn quality control for latest high-tech materials such as carbon fibers, monofilaments, multi-filaments as well as spun yarns in all material compositions. Zero-defect manufacturing of high tech fabrics becomes possible as smallest knots, fluff, filamentation, thick places and capillary breaks are detected before being interwoven into the fabric.

Africa unites all important factors required to become a highly competitive and successful textile market.