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LMW: A leader in spinning technologies

Apr 01, 2018
LMW: A leader in spinning technologies

In most sectors of textile manufacturing, automation is one of the major key to quality improvement and cost competitiveness. Automation also helps in addressing the challenges on Manpower whose costs are spiralling higher every year.

LMW in its mission to transform the Textile mills into a SMART Spinning Mills has introduced host of automation features in its products and in the process.

LMW blowroom line offers excellent fibre preparation and gentle opening 

LMW Blowroom line ensures gentle opening with minimum tuft size. Natural fibres like cotton generally have variable trash content. Removing the trash with minimum fibre loss is facilitated through the auto-adjustable grid bar setting.

Micro dust elimination at every stage is a key feature for better cleaning in Blowroom. A unique three-point blending solution helps achieve homogenity for better yarn quality.

Excellent fibre preparation and blending achieved economically with higher automation and less power consumption.

  • Minimum tuft size
  • Auto grid bar setting for waste adjustment
  • Three point homogenous blending
  • Lesser power consumption
  • Integrated micro dust extraction
  • Automatic & accurate blending

LMW Cards with more number of Active flats ensures effective fibre individualisation

LMW Carding Machine is unique for the highest real carding area compared to any other card. Online quality monitoring system ensures better sliver quality with a user-friendly interface.

Inverter controlled drives and energy efficient motors enable the production of better quality sliver with minimum power cost. The Card LC636 with 1.5 metre cylinder width offers the perfect solution for higher productivity applications.

  • Highest real carding area with increased number of working flats
  • Largest cylinder width of 1.5 metre for higher productivity
  • Reduces lint loss up to 1 per ecnt ensuring higher yarn realisation
  • 7-12 per cent lesser power cost
  • Consistent quality with online quality monitoring system

Cost effective world class combing technology

The LMW Comber LK69 is an advanced, robust and sophisticated machine capable of running up to 600 nips/min, facilitating benchmark production.

Its unique unicomb ensures efficient combing and delivers premium quality with respect to sliver U%, imperfections and classimate.

The overall design of the machine ensures consistent quality at higher productivity levels. Its unique inclined drafting system over the coiler supports optimum sliver movement without stretch, for maximum uniformity.

The machine is ready to connect with LAP Transport System.

Also the flexible unicomb option ensure to optimise the noils to the minimum level and practically to extract noils less than <10 per cent.

  • Production 2.1 tons/day
  • Efficient combing with unique unicomb
  • Best quality on par with or equivalent to competitors
  • Assured 1 % - 2 % noil saving
  • Possibility of lesser noil levels <10-12%
  • Single piecing point due to inclined drafting- Consistent quality
  • Modular construction (only 2 modules)- Installation made easy

Advanced autolevelling technology - Drawframe

Innovation stems from integrating the technological edge with benefits. The LMW Drawframe LDF3 is one among such innovations.

Perfect geometry and a direct drive for the drafting system assists in processing a wide range of materials, and ensuring precise quality and maximum productivity. The ability to process a diverse range of materials makes LDF3 a perfect solution for all spinning systems.

Auto piecing technology, an end bush with lifetime greasing, an inverter-driven main motor and a servo- driven draft motor reduce manual intervention and downtime, maximising machine-run efficiency.

  • S DRAFT - Servo drive for drafting and duo digital autolevelling system
  • TR STRIP - Top roller stripper arrangement
  • LTL - Top roller end bush lifetime greasing
  • QMS - Online quality monitoring system
  • SP- SMART auto piecing System
  • SQ- SMART quality set for right quality

World’s longest speed frame with dual drive and auto doffer LF4280

The Speed frame LF 4280, the world’s longest speed frame with 280 spindles, sets benchmarks in terms of productivity, quality, and energy efficiency. Dual drafting and Servo drive enable the production of roving with maximum precision. An automatic tension control system and the unique design of the machine, when integrated with the auto doffing system, ensure maximum efficiency.

  • 4 segment drive arrangement
  • Servo drive for drafting
  • CQ - Constant air discharge duct
  • Automatic roving tension controller
  • Autodoffer with roving transportation system

Roving Transport System

Rationalisation of work force reduces man power requirements to a great extent. Maximises efficiency and productivity. Improves quality of delivered material. Increases life expectancy of components.

  • The Roving Transport System complements the Auto-doffing Speed Frame through the Automatic Flexible Linking System to Ring Frame.
  • The Speed Frame bobbins are removed automatically and are transferred to the Ring Frame through overhead rails.
  • The full and empty bobbins are transferred without any human interference from any Speed rame to Ring Frame by a push of a button.
  • Automatic cleaning of the bobbin is carried out by the stripper arrangement.
  • Separate storage area for full & empty bobbins.

Smart ring frame with proven compact system LR 9/SX series

The Ring Frame LR9SX series is the most advanced Ring Frame in the world. It has superlative technology to manufacture regular and fancy yarns integrated with a Flexi drive concept and eco-friendly features for power saving. LR9SX is a gearless machine with a host of features that provides customer flexibilty to manufacture regular, compact, Siro, Slub, Injection Slub, Multicount, Multi twist and Multieffect yarns.

  • Flexi drive for drafting - Suitable to produce wide range of regular and value added yarns
  • Idle time and raw material saving by spindle monitoring - Individual yarn breakage monitoring and roving stop motion system
  • Eco friendly - Low decibel silent spindles (HLLD)
  • Proven smart doffer - Reliable and easy autodoffing mechanism
  • Energy saving - Higher efficient IE4 main motor, inverter controlled fan motor, innovative inclined boot and Instantaneous power monitoring

Yarn breakage sensor

Sensing yarn breakage is a powerful value-add allowing the customer to identify breakage at right time and improve productivity and quality consistency.

The operator’s efficiency improves significantly. Critical spindles which need the attention of technicians are easily identified, ensuring yarn quality with reduced breakage rate.

  • Individual indication per spindle helps customers access real time monitoring of ring frames 24x7.
  • Section-wise Lamps, Signal Lamps and LED help operators identify and reach problem areas.
  • Rogue spindles and slip spindles are flagged with flashing lights
  • Display units at head stock enables the operator to make quick decisions that need immediate attention.

LMW Customer service portal - eSpares

  • LMW facilitates easy procurement of spares through its ‘’eSpares’’ website portal.
  • The benefits of the portal are substantial, including 24x7 log-in facility ensuring immediate and automated booking and order tracking - and quicker dispatch.
  • Additional customer support with upgradation kits that enhance machinery technology for achieving higher productivity/quality.

Auto Blend LA 10

The precise weighing technology in LMW’s Autoblend LA 10, ensures blending accuracy and consistency.

LMW blending systems are flexible and have the provision to process a wide range of materials irrespective of different parameters.

Autoblend works on the principle of actual weighing of the material. The feed is controlled by a servo motor for precise feeding.

  • Homogenous blending +/- 1 per cent achieved to improve the yarn quality.
  • Blending ratio upto 99:1 is possible
  • Opening unit to ensure proper mixing of fiber
  • Material fed by servo motor regulates the feed to ensure perfect blending.
  • Maximum production up to 2,000 kg/hr can be achieved.
  • Simple construction and reduction in machinery
  • Less Space and less power used

Ultra Blend LA 9

LMW’s Ultrablend LA 9 blending technique is designed to achieve blending accuracy and reproductability.

Flexibly designed to process wide range of materials while avoiding variation during operation.

Ultra Blend works on the principle of sensing the thickness of the material. precision during feeding is ensured by a servo motor for perfect feeding.

  • Homogenous fiber blending of +/- 2 per cent achieved to improve the yarn quality.
  • Nine level thickness sensing and servo controlled feed for maintaining CV
  • Maximum blending throughput of up to 1000 kg/hr (@ 50:50)
  • Blending by opening the fibres - Blowroom blending
  • Opening of material disc / pinned opening rollers
  • Simple construction and reduction in machinery
  • Less Space and less power used

Lap Transport System

The Lap Transport System improves the efficiency of the comber and reduces the manual efforts involved in transporting the trolley to the comber.

Saves space needed traditionally to store trolleys, even while allowing the operator to concentrate on more critical work.

  • One lap former is connected to combers through an overhead rail transport system.
  • Eight full laps are transported from the lap former to the comber and placed for piecing.
  • Empty spools from the comber are then transferred to the lap former automatically.

Spin Connect

  • A web-based monitoring and control application, networks the process from blow room to winder. Can be accessed remotely.
  • Parameters like speeds, production, stoppages, quality, power, etc can be connected to the central server for immediate information and decision making process.
  • The advanced version also includes monitoring health conditions (temperature, vibration, suction pressure and compressed air consumption) for user analysis
  • Mail/SMS alerts to assigned users improve machine utilization.
  • Roving stop motion, yarn breakage system, bobbin transport and LAP transport system add value to a SMART spinning environment.