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E-commerce has been a revolution

Mar 01, 2016
E-commerce has been a revolution

Are Bhashan t-shirts available in retail stores as well?

As of now, it’s available only on online portals (Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm, Shopclues). But from January it will be available in retail stores across Mumbai and few other cities.

What are your future plans? Any plan of launching your own store?

Well, the future plan definitely includes having our own flagship store and then come up with franchise model.

E-commerce has been creating a lot of buzz. What are your thoughts on this upcoming phenomena?

E-commerce has been a revolution and it has created entrepreneurship ability in the youth. It has been next best thing to happen to garment industry. And few years down the line, the concept of malls will be just a gone thing.

What are the current trends the industry is witnessing? What are your thoughts on the current retail market in India?

The retail market has been affected by online market. The sales have dipped in, payment cycle has been affected. Retailers have become skeptical to keep a new product or an entire range of any product. However, I feel it is just matter of time and mind process. The real problem is one crib and others follow blindly. So it’s about breaking the mindset and again revolutionise the retail market.

How is Bhashan contributing to the society?

Bhashan contributes in many ways, firstly it creates awareness on social issues. Secondly it gives you an alternate medium to express your thoughts on the same through t-shirt. Also we come up with many campaigns on social issues to support it. And from some percentage profit of Bhashan T-Shirts, I do my bit of helping and serving the needy, by providing education to those who want to study and can’t. Feed the poor who can’t earn. And many other ways.

Explain about your production facility? Does Bhashan manufactures t-shirts in house?

I do not have in-house manufacturing facility and do not wish to have one. I outsource it and will always do so. I believe it’s always best to do what you are best at doing. I am good with creativity and marketing of my brand and don’t want to mix it up, and leave the manufacturing for the best people for it.

How did the concept of spreading social awareness in the form of t-shirts come up?

I am neither a politician nor a public figure that people will follow me or listen to me or people would gather in large numbers and follow what I am saying. And the idea of coming up with messages on t-shirts came up over a glass of beer with a friend when we saw a guy wearing “Screw You” written on it. So we thought this would be the best way to express our thoughts as if you wear a t-shirt with any message written on it, 7 out 10 people tend to read it.