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A.T.E. equipped to cover all processes for home textiles

Aug 01, 2019
A.T.E. equipped to cover all processes for home textiles

Over the last decade India has become a hub in home textile production, especially for the products like bed sheets, terry towels, kitchen linen, upholstery, and more. For producing 100 per cent cotton bed sheets with finer count, India has established a good reputation in the global market. The leading Indian home textile players have established a strong foot-print globally. Many Indian companies are market leaders in the US and UK. India accounts for about 7 per cent of the global home textiles trade.

The growth of the home textiles in India is supported by growing household income, an increase in organised retail and growth of end-user segments like housing, hospitality and health care. Many decentralised production centres like Solapur, Panipat, Erode, Karur, Surat, etc., are also growing fast in this field to cater to the growing domestic market, offering a wide range of home décor solutions. A.T.E. offers a package of machinery right from spinning up to finishing for producing home textiles.

Home textiles solutions from Fabric Forming division

A.T.E. is a pioneer in the field of weaving preparation, warp knitting, and flooring solutions in the area of home textiles. A.T.E. represents world leaders like Karl Mayer, Truetzschler (Man-Made Fibers), Power-Heat-Set, Zimmer, Xetma Vollenweider, Matthys Group and Luwa offering a complete solution in home textiles.

Karl Mayer has supplied many equipment of weaving preparation (PROSIZE - sizing machine and WARP DIRECT – direct warping machine) to leading players in home textile segment like Welspun, Trident, Indocount, Himatsingka and many more.

Karl Mayer warping and sizing can prepare beams for high speed weaving machines with sheeting quality of 100 TC till 1000+ TC with the highest efficiency on weaving machines. More than 50 sizing machines are running successfully since last two decades at many renowned customers’ sites in this segment. The innovative development in sizing machine, PROSIZE from Karl Mayer gave a new dimension in quality, production and cost saving while sizing the warp yarns.

Karl Mayer warp knitting machines are versatile for manufacturing various home textile products like curtains and furnishing fabrics. Major production centres are in and around Surat, Silvassa, Mumbai and Amritsar. The latest terry warp knitting machine from Karl Mayer can produce terry towels much more economically than woven towels.

A.T.E.’s carpet division offers major equipment used in manufacturing flooring solutions. The carpet solution comprises of BCF line from Truetzschler, Germany, yarn heat setting line from Power Heat-set, Germany, digital printing (Chromojet and Colaris inkjet) from Zimmer, Austria, confectionary equipment from Matthys Group, Belgium, and carpet shearing from Xetma, Germany. A.T.E. also offers equipment for nonwoven carpets from Truetzschler Nonwovens, Germany.

Home textiles solutions from A.T.E.’s Processing division

A.T.E. can offer complete package solutions in home textiles. It has handled many big projects in the home textile segment with the supply of the majority of equipment in such projects. A.T.E. holds a very high market share in home textile segment, as a machinery supplier. Some of the successful projects executed by A.T.E. are Welspun Trident, Himatsingka, Indo Count, Creative, Premier, Alok, Birla Century and many more.

Three years ago, A.T.E. executed a complete project of Creative Textiles where it supplied the full package of machinery which included Osthoff singeing, Goller bleaching, mercerizer, pad-steam and washing range, Monfongs stenter and curing range, Monforts E control range and shrinker, calender from Guarneri Technology and ETP from A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech.

A.T.E. offers singeing and desizing range from Osthoff-Germany, wet finishing machines like continuous bleaching range, mercerizers, pad-steam range and washing ranges from Goller-China, finishing machines like stenter, shrinker and pad dry/E Control ranges for continuous dyeing from Monforts-Germany and Monfongs-China. It offers rotary/flat bed/digital printing machines, loop steamer and coating machines from Zimmer-Austria, engraving system from Luescher-Switzerland, calender from Guarneri Technolgy-Italy, brushing and raising machines from Danti Paolo-Italy. A.T.E. also supplies process control equipment from Mahlo-Germany, dyes and chemicals auto dispensing system from Color Service-Italy, lab equipment from MAG-India, automatic cross and length cutting/hemming and packing machines for making up of home textiles from Texpa- Germany and grey & finished goods storage and management system from Godrej Consoveyo-India.

A.T.E.’s group company, A.T.E.-HUBER Envirotech Private Limited (AHET) is well established in providing ETP solutions and can offer the complete package including ETP, RO and MEE to meet the zero liquid discharge requirements, and also sludge management solutions. AHET is a joint venture between A.T.E. group and Huber, Germany. A.T.E has executed over 300 projects for treating effluents from various industries like textile, pharma, distillery, paper, etc., in India and overseas markets. HUBER, Germany, is a world leader in sustainable and eco-friendly wastewater treatment, recycling, and sludge management solutions with over 175 years’ experience and with over 40,000 installations across 60 countries. AHET has recently installed HUBER sludge drier system in D Décor. AHET has successfully commissioned many textile projects in India for wastewater treatment

Valence Electrons, part of the A.T.E. group, offers static eliminators for various applications in textile manufacturing. A.T.E. has also recently introduced a camera-based automatic defect detection system, which can be retrofitted on finishing machines like stenter and inspection machines.

A.T.E. has supplied many Zimmer rotary printing machines for printing bed sheets and also flat bed printing machines for terry towel printing. A.T.E. has supplied the Monforts MXL range to Alok and Birla Century Textiles for anti-crease resin finishing and Monfongs curing ranges at Indo Count, Welspun and Creative Textiles for the same application.

Almost all the bed sheet projects in India have Osthoff singeing, Monforts E Control and finishing ranges, Zimmer rotary printing machines and Color Service dispensing systems. A.T.E. has also supplied Zimmer coating machine at D’Décor for coating furnishing fabrics.

Texpa has executed a huge project at Trident for bed sheets and terry towels. Texpa has supplied more than 100 machines in India. A.T.E.’s Processing division has a strong team of 32 well trained service engineers across India for after sales service support, and a technologist who helps customers in optimising the process parameters.

Over the last few decades, A.T.E. has played a key role of a catalyst in providing the right technology to the home textile producers and contributed meaningfully in the high growth of this segment. With an extensive network of branches, a superior sales team with domain knowledge and seamless service support, A.T.E. has become an enviable partner for the India home textile manufacturers. The growing home textile segment can rely on A.T.E.’s expertise while expanding the capacities or putting up greenfield projects.