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"We export our entire product range to Turkey"

Jul 01, 2018
"We export our entire product range to Turkey"

Founded in 1956, Embee has grown to a full-fledged industrial complex, from a small manufacturing set up. “Embee started exporting globally in the year 1989, and in the early 90s, Embee started exporting to Turkey,” says Harsh Shah, Managing Director of Embee Group, in an interview with the ITJ.


How long has your company been selling machines/accessories to Turkey? The story till today.
Embee started exporting globally in the year 1989, and in the early 90s, Embee started exporting to Turkey. It’s been nearly 30 years and our export share to Turkey is growing every year. Our export-quality machines and accessories are well known in the textile market of Turkey and some of our machines have a good market share there. For Embee, Turkey is one of our major export markets.

What are the major products that you have been exporting to Turkey?
Embee is exporting almost all the product range and equipment to Turkey like rotary screen printing machine, rotary screen engraving equipment, colour kitchen equipment, screen washers, squeegee washers and many other accessories.

How do you see the scope of the tie-up with Turkey for the future?
The scope of tie up with Turkey for future is very promising. Turkey is strategically located at a very prominent area which leveraged it to become an important market for textile industry. Turkey is not only connected to major textile centres like Europe and Russia but it is also the centre of global textile market.

Additionally, the textile sector of Turkey is growing and thus, industrialisation and commercialisation revolve round this sector more than any other sector and hence contributing to harmonious development and economic stability. The actual role of Turkish textile printing sector has been progressing from past few years, with Turkey becoming one of the major players in the global textile and clothing industry.

What are your other export markets? A brief account of them.
With our sales agents and representatives present across the globe, Embee is exporting to more than 35 countries worldwide since 1989. Embee is Government of India registered One Star Export House and has doubled the sales in current year. Embee also have more than 80 per cent market share in certain regions. Our export quality machines have gained reputation not only in India but also globally.

Embee is India’s largest exporter of engraving Chemicals. Also India’s largest exporter spares for Rotary Printing Machine. We are also India’s largest exporter of engraving plants and equipment.

Can you make a brief comparison of the Turkish and Indian market, and also suggest measures for the industry and the Government to improve its hold in this market for the export of textile-related machinery and goods?
Turkey is close to Europe and hence they more focused on innovative and high quality textile products. Embee helps to fulfill this demand as our vision is focused on becoming the most trusted market leader in providing innovative technological solutions. To increase India’s presence in Turkey for export of textile related machinery and goods, government can help in various way for ease of doing business with Turkey.

Government can give special incentives to boost the export to Turkey by providing help like extending the line of credits for expanding and providing such other financial initiatives. Indian Government can also propose special trade agreement between India and Turkey which encourages Turkish textile factories to import from Indian textile machinery manufacturers.

Exhibition plays an important role in textile machinery business. For the textile exhibitions in Turkey, government can also consider giving special subsidies to Indian textile machine manufacturers which will boost them to take part more frequently in such textile exhibitions.