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Tyan Kuei’s unique product line for footwear & apparel

Nov 02, 2020Sponsored
Tyan Kuei’s unique product line for footwear & apparel

Tyan Kuei supplies three-categories of product line, acetate tipping film, cord end metal aglet or plastic head, and reflective material. They are all widely used on footwear, apparel or accessories. As a part of the living earth, the company spares no efforts in developing much more environmental-friendly products. Its phthalate free film is certified by OekoTex, DIN CERTCO, etc.

The detailed introduction of the products is as below:
Acetate tipping film: Its basic standard is based on the Adidas A1 testing requirements. It means the quality of the products can meet the requirements of all the international brands.

Eco friendly Phthalate free acetate tipping film: A new material that fulfills the requirement to be an eco-friendly company. This is the material without any Phthalates, ensuring that there is no harm to humans or the environment.

Metal Aglet: Good designation metal aglet for garment cords. It can pass all the heavy metal testing requirements from the European standard.

Reflective material: A kind of material that can be used in all kind of footwear and garments. It is a product with a high cost-performance ratio. The company can provide the SGS testing report for its reflective material.

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