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Sun Da’s innovative knitting technology

Oct 15, 2020Sponsored
Sun Da’s innovative knitting technology

Sun Da circular knitting machines can meet your needs in all aspects – fabric quality, versatility, stability and productivity. Sun Da, abbreviated as “SD”, has been a symbol of stable and durable knitting machines with guarantee throughout the past 44 years. Sun Da is headquartered in Taiwan, and is a quality leading circular knitting machine manufacturer devoted solely to innovative knitting technology in textile industry.

The company starts building up machines from high quality steel. Standard operation procedure (SOP), and fine-tuned techniques on machines give assurances of optimum performance even under long time operation. The machinery accuracy reaches advanced international standards. Thirty-year old Sun Da machines are still running all over the world.

Innovation in functions

Sun Da’s R&D technology team combine practical knitting functions and user-friendly designs to cater to more efficiency in knitting tasks.

Sustained customer care

Customer-oriented after sales support is what we care about. No matter if it is technical instruction or knitting consultation, a well-trained technical support team is always here for you 24/7.

Sun Da product category include:

  • Single jersey interchange series: Single jersey (maximumsix track), terry, velour, three-thread fleece
  • Double jersey series: 2x2/2x4/2x6/ 4x4 tracks interlock, rib, interib Jacquard knit series: Rib-mesh transferred electronic Jacquard (2WT), double jersey electronic Jacquard (3WT), single jersey electronic Jacquard (3WT), single jersey 3/6 – colour auto-striper
  • Loop cut series: Pile loop cut (up to 32G fine gauge)
  • Other frames: Single jersey open-width, double jersey open-width, high leg frame for high volume approximately 100 kg per roll

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