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SINTEX singeing & washing machines

Nov 02, 2020Sponsored
SINTEX singeing & washing machines

Sying Tye Industrial (SINTEX) was founded in 1976, and is located in Tao Yuan, Taiwan. The company’s production line includes singeing machines, knit fabric washing machines, woven fabric washing machines, rope openers, cylinder dryers, and stainless steel rolls.

Sying Tye Industrial’s singeing machines and washing machines are especially different from others. Its singeing machines are very efficient with high productivity, and production speed is up to 120m/min. You can decide on two burners or four burners for your needs. Regarding safety, when the singeing machine emergency stop is pressed or the flame goes off, the solenoid valves will automatic shut off the machine.

The company’s knit washing machine is equipped with a unique wash tank. The water will flow from the back tank to the front tank to achieve energy savings, and low tension transport is controlled by E+L loadcells. Sying Tye Industrial utilises an Omron PLC to control the machine’s speed, temperature, tension setting, and water consumption.

All the products can concatenate together or work as stand-alone machines. Any requirements, Sying Tye Industrial will design it for you.

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