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DAH HEER’s flat band crochet machine

Oct 01, 2020Sponsored
DAH HEER’s flat band crochet machine

DAH HEER was established in 1976, and is specialised in the research, development, production, selling and service of high-quality crochet machines, raschel machines and cord knitting machines, etc.

Quality and service are the company’s main principles. All DAHU team members contribute knowledge and efforts in order to maintain management integrity and provide customers with high-quality products and the best service.

High speed flat band crochet machine | Model: DH 750-N3B
The flat band crochet machine can manufacture both elastic and non-elastic tapes for use in lady’s underwear, rigid and elastic body belts, medical bandages, etc. It is especially suitable thin tape of two-inch or less.

Elastic and non-elastic bands in the range of lady’s underwear, rigid and elastic bandages for body support belts, elastic button belts, etc.


  • With double swing device, the consumption of needles has been reduced.
  • The elastic bar only makes left-to-right movement, which increases the stability of elastic threads when the machine runs in high speed.
  • With optional electric heating setting device, the webbings can be anti-shrinkage.
  • Specification

  • Net weight of machine: 700kg
  • Net weight of creel: 260kg
  • Weight of creel and crate: 300kg
  • Weight of machine and crate: 800kg
  • Crate of machine: 170 x 127 x 180cm
  • Crate of creel: 285 x 74 x 33cm

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