Author: Dr Seshadri Ramkumar

Cotton demand needs to pick up

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- April 5, 2024

The industry needs to engage in better outreach efforts, find new and industrial applications for cotton and invest in research to come out with new ... Read More

A giant in the nonwovens sector

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- March 29, 2024

C K Wong, fondly known as CK to many across the globe in the technical textiles industry, died at the age of eighty-six last week, ... Read More

Seventh grade student highlights cotton chemistry

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- January 29, 2024

Aditya R, a seventh-grade student from Hutchinson Middle School in Lubbock, demonstrated value-added applications of cotton, says Dr Seshadri Ramkumar of Texas Tech University, USA ... Read More

25 years and counting on…

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- January 4, 2024

Along the way, about 2006, we started working with the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA), USA to build the technical textiles sector in ... Read More

Cotton research, outreach and entrepreneurship 

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- December 29, 2023

Few students visited the Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory at Texas Tech University to understand the advanced applications for cotton, informs Seshadri Ramkumar. Interest is ... Read More

Bed bugs and textiles 

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- November 14, 2023

Prof Seshadri Ramkumar says, textiles are not the reasons for growth in bed bug infestations, although these bugs can be transported by baggage, and clothing ... Read More

Cotton demand issue dominates the textile ecosystem

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- November 9, 2023

Trade imbalances such as the availability of imported fabrics from China and garments from low-wage countries have made Indian products uncompetitive leading to demand slump, ... Read More