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  Y-Tester – the smarter way to yarn testing

The concept of testing yarn for evenness at the laboratory has two main benefits:

1. Test the yarn and confirm whether the yarn qualities are within the specified limits.
2. Eliminate periodic faults generated by machines.

The progress in textile digital electronics has opened up new boundaries today paving way for newer testing opportunities and reduce the cost of testing. TeFoc in its pursuit for newer technologies would be very pleased to introduce Investa’s Y Tester, which can be an alternate to the laboratory evenness tester as well as provide users with newer opportunities of testing.

Investa’s Y-Tester

Mr Jan Blasko, Senior Technical Manager of Investa Uni and former Scientist of the Czech Textile Research Institute VUB as in association with his former colleagues has developed Y-Tester, the unique instrument which simplifies yarn testing. With opportunities for more meaningful testing of yarn the spinners can produce a consistently high quality yarn throughout.

Y-Tester Concept

• The usage of latest digital electronics and sensor electronics has made the model simple.

• The system has a control unit attached to an optical sensor – the whole equipment is compact and can be easily carried – with provision of large storage of data, USB connectivity for transfer of data, etc.

• The system can check the unevenness of CV% of yarn, U% of Yarn, Imperfections in yarn, spectrogram analysis etc.

• The system can also provide detailed statistical analysis of data. The testing count range – 3’s to 118 Ne Count.

Identification of Rogue Spindles/Rotors

The system can be programmed for testing short yarn length (starting from 8 metres). The system can be taken to the ring frame or open end machine and each spindle/rotor can be tested for these short lengths. The unevenness CV% of the yarn produced at each spindle/rotor is measured. If CV% in a particular spindle/rotor is within the average CV% value it could mean that the quality of yarn produced at the spindle/rotor is good and the operator could proceed to check the next spindle/rotor. As the testing of these short length with Y tester takes less than a minute it is possible to check a large volume of spindle/rotor a day and identify those Spindles/Rotors, which are producing bad quality yarn. These Spindles/Rotors, which are giving high CV%, can further be checked for longer length of 100 metres and above and measure U%, imperfections, spectrogram faults and count variations.

Yarn quality studies with Y-Tester

Another application where Y-Tester comes in for handy use is while studying the various components performance at the spinning machine. For, eg, components like cots, aprons, spacers, bobbin holders, etc, performance analysis can be done immediately whereas with the conventional laboratory equipment this study is a long drawn-out process.

With all these data the cause for the production of bad quality yarn can be identified and corrected instantaneously.

Other applications

1. For ring spinning mills & open end mills without evenness tester, this instrument avoids the necessity to have an evenness testers at the laboratory.
2. As the system is mobile it can be used to checking of yarn at anywhere. For eg, at the weaving units for checking the yarn raw material.

With all these new opportunities the mills using this equipment can maintain a high quality level and stay above the competition.

(TeFoc Machineries, No: 301, Police Kandasamy Street, Behind Thasami Nest, Puliyakulam, Coimbatore 641 045. Tel: 0422 - 439 5713/439 5715. Fax: 0422 - 439 5712. Email: info@tefoc.com. Web: www.tefoc.com)

published March , 2012
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